Unforgettable Gigs, Peter Gabriel at The Roxy USA (2 Show, 2 Days), 9-10/4/1977 – AUDIO & RARE VIDEOS

The Concerts that made History.
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9-10 Apr. 1977 – Peter Gabriel at The Roxy, West Hollywood (2 Show, 2 Days) USA – RARE VIDEOS & AUDIO

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  1. Here Comes the Flood
  2. On the Air
  3. Moribund the Burgermeister
  4. Waiting for the Big One
  5. Indigo
    (Early version, called “Song Without Frontiers”)
  6. Excuse Me
  7. Solsbury Hill
  8. Ain’t That Peculiar
    (Marvin Gaye cover)
  9. Humdrum
  10. Slowburn
  11. All Day and All of the Night
    (The Kinks cover)
  12. Here Comes the Flood
  13. Modern Love
  14. Down the Dolce Vita



  1. Back in N.Y.C.
    (Genesis song)
  2. Modern Love

Stories & Memories:

“In one instance a fan cry’s out ‘I love you Peter!’, who answers by saying… ” – READ MORE

Angolo del Collezionista:

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Bootleg review:

“One of the earliest Peter Gabriel bootlegs, this concert recording from the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles has come out under several titles…”READ MORE

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