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Genesis & Co. Live Events: Tribute to Anthony Phillips & Mike Rutherford

By Old King Cole - 

Friday 15th & Saturday 16th November: Anthony Phillips & Mike Rutherford solo albums. TICKETS.

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The first ever live performance of the solo music of Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford composed in the 1970s, will be performed live on the Trading Boundaries stage.

The evenings, endorsed by both Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford, has Rocking Horse Music Club from the USA returning to Trading Boundaries to showcase the music of Anthony Phillips with additional songs from Mike Rutherford’s first solo album ‘Smallcreep’s Day’ with Noel McCalla, who provided original vocals on the album, joining them on stage.

Working directly with Anthony Phillips, Rocking Horse Music Club has lovingly curated a selection of songs primarily from his first three solo albums, The Geese & the Ghost, Wise After the Event, and Sides.

This will be the first time this music will be performed live by a full band - LAST TICKETS

Rocking Horse Music Club includes Coombes (keyboards/vocals), Eric Wagley (drums), Brenden Harisiades (bass), Myron Kibbee (guitars), Mike McAdam (guitars), Patrik Gochez (vocals/piano/guitar), and Justin Cohn (vocals/guitar).

"Paperchase" video, from the album "Which Way The Wind Blows: The Music Of Anthony Phillips":

Coombes and his team have worked with world class artists including Anthony Phillips (Genesis), Ian McDonald (King Crimson), Chris Difford (Squeeze), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Greg Hawkes (the Cars), Kenwood Dennard (Brand X), Garth Hudson (the Band), Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention), Nick Magnus (Steve Hackett), Jonathan Mover (GTR), Dale Newman (Genesis associate), Kate St John (Dream Academy), and many others.

Rocking Horse Music Club 2019 (left to right): Eric Wagley, Brenden Harisaides, Brian Coombes, Patrik Gochez, Justin Cohn, Mike McAdam, and Myron Kibbee.

Rocking Horse Music Club has recently received two Best Song nominations from the Independent Music Awards for its song, Everywhere is Home, which features London's Sing Gospel choir. The song has received airplay on BBC Radio 2 and London Live, as well as regional BBC and independent radio in the UK. The band toured the UK in support of its debut album in September 2018, including an appearance on BBC Radio Kent and a well-received performance here at Trading Boundaries.



Rocking Horse Music Club presents the music of original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips. Features guest appearances by Steve Hackett, John Hackett, Noel McCalla, Nick Magnus, John Helliwell, Kate St. John, and others.

  1. Um & Aargh
  2. Paperchase
  3. Which Way the Wind Blows
  4. Silver Song
  5. Something Blue
  6. Pulling Faces
  7. Collections
  8. Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West
  9. Nightmare

From his days as a 15 year old playing support to The Shadows at a pub gig to appearing as lead singer with headliners on most of Europe’s biggest stages with Mezzoforte and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Noel McCalla has consistently stood out from the crowd.

As singer with Sniff’n the Tears, Moon and McCalla and a long association with the brilliant Morrisey/Mullen Band, and was vocalist on Mike Rutherford’s Smallcreep’s Day - he was considered as the replacement for Genesis singer and frontman Peter Gabriel after he left the group in 1975.

Noel has deservedly earned acclaim as “One of Britain’s best Soul Singers” (Blues and Soul magazine) while his appearances as vocalist with “Some Kinda Wonderful” show jointly led by award winning saxophonist Derek Nash, have highlighted his all-round abilities and accomplishments as a lead vocalist – “a confident, graceful and dynamic singer” (Independent on Sunday).

From: Trading Boundaries website.

Press Review:

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Tony Banks: “Banks Vaults – The Albums 1979 – 1995” – BUY NOW, MAKING OF, INTERVIEW & VIDEOS

A box set by Tony Banks entitled "Banks Vaults - The Albums 1979 - 1995".

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'In Conversation With Tony Banks' video series, which sees Tony and producer/engineer Nick Davis telling the story of the making of Tony's solo albums, as well as explaining the use of various techniques, sound effects and the equipment and instruments used via multi-track demonstrations at the studio at Fisher Lane Farm:

Tony and Nick Davis demonstrate the use of the Polymoog effect which was used on 'From The Undertow' from the A Curious Feeling album:

Tony talk about the pros of being able to revisit 'A Curious Feeling' and re-mix and enhance parts to achieve more of the sound he originally was looking for:

Tony and Nick demonstrate how the advent of a new keyboard at the time - the ARP Quadra - in conjunction with the Vocoder, allowed Tony to experiment with sound and vocal effects on the song 'This Is Love' from The Fugitive:

Tony explains his concerns over possible 'identity issues' on his solo work, and his subsequent decision to take on the duty of lead vocals on 'The Fugitive':

Producer & Engineer Nick Davis explains how he approaches re-mixing a piece of music which people are already familiar with in today's clip from The Farm:

The box contains seven CDs and a DVD; the seven CDs are the rock albums made by Tony in his career:

- A Curious Feeling

- The Wicked Lady

- The Fugitive

- Soundtracks

- Bankstatement

- Still

- Strictly Inc

HR Press Review -  Tony Banks opens the Banks Vaults:

The dvd contains all the Tony's videoclips, officially published here for the first time:

- For A While

- The Waters Of Lethe

- This Is Love

- Shortcut To Somewhere

- Throwback

- I Wanna Change The Score

- The Gift

- Only Seventeen

The records have been remastered in the legendary Abbey Road studios by Miles Showell and Nick Davis.


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Peter Gabriel special guest speaker at Open Text Enterprise World – INFO & VIDEOS

Peter Gabriel is the special guest speaker at Open Text Enterprise World in Toronto, Canada, from July 9-11, 2019.

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Experience OpenText Enterprise World, the largest EIM conference globally, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from July 9-11, 2019.

New and updated programs focus on learning, networking, strategy insights, solution roadmaps—all infused with amazing keynote speakers. There are more interactive programs than ever before with subject matter experts covering the topics most requested by the customers.

On Thursday, Peter Gabriel will close the event in conversation with Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO & CTO.

Register Now

Peter Gabriel last realease:


Having always loved the combination of film and music (aged 17 he gave up a place at film school to pursue a career in music) Peter Gabriel’s first opportunity to really marry these twin interests came when he was asked to create the music for Alan Parker’s film Birdy in 1985.

Further film work, including his music for Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ (that became the album Passion)...

...and the soundtrack to Philip Noyce’s film Rabbit-Proof Fence (released as the album Long Walk Home), has continued to feed that interest.

“I have always loved film and any chance I have been offered to work with good film projects and good directors I have jumped at. This is a mixture of songs that have been written for specific films, and existing songs that found an appropriate place in a story. Consequently, there is a mix of different styles and moods.” – Peter Gabriel

Alongside those longer soundtrack commissions Peter Gabriel has also regularly contributed songs to a diverse range of movies and Rated PG explores this other connection forged by Peter between his music and film.

Rated PG is an opportunity to bring together in one place, for the first time, a selection of songs written especially for, or used to notable effect in, movies and includes new and previously unreleased versions, otherwise unavailable songs and a brand new track.


That’ll Do
Written by Randy Newman.
Performed by Peter Gabriel featuring Paddy Maloney and The Black Dyke Mills Band.
Produced by Bob Ezrin.
Taken from the film Babe 2: Pig in the City, directed by George Miller.

Down to Earth
Music by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman, lyrics by Peter Gabriel.
Performed by Peter Gabriel, featuring the Soweto Gospel Choir.
Produced by Peter Gabriel, L.A. Sessions Produced by Thomas Newman. Recorded by Richard Chappell assisted by Mat Arnold. Mixed by Tchad Blake.
Taken from the film Wall-E, directed by Andrew Stanton.

This Is Party Man
Written by Peter Gabriel, George Acogny and Tori Amos.
Performed by The Worldbeaters and Peter Gabriel.
Produced by George Acogny and Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Richard Chappell and Rod Beale.
Taken from the film Virtuosity, directed by Brett Leonard.
* This is a new version of the song. Previously unreleased.

The Book of Love
Written by Stephin Merritt.
Produced by Peter Gabriel with Bob Ezrin. Arranged by Nick Ingman with Peter Gabriel and Will Gregory. Orchestrated by Nick Ingman. Engineered by Richard Chappell.
Featured in the film Shall We Dance?, directed by Peter Chelsom.
* This is the film version of the song, which is different to the version on Scratch My Back.

Written and performed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Peter Gabriel.
Produced by Peter Gabriel and David Bottrill.
Taken from the film Natural Born Killers, directed by Oliver Stone.
* A new edit of the song, previously unreleased.

Written and produced by Peter Gabriel.
Mixed by Richard Chappell.
Taken from the film Birds Like Us, directed by Faruk Sabanovic and Amela Cuhara.
* Previously unreleased.

Walk Through the Fire
Written by Peter Gabriel.
Co-produced by Nile Rogers and Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Glenn Tommey.
Taken from the film Against All Odds, directed by Taylor Hackford.

Speak (Bol)
Written and produced by Peter Gabriel with Urdu vocal arrangement by Atif Aslam.
Performed by Peter Gabriel with Atif Aslam.
Engineered by Richard Chappell.
Taken from the film The Reluctant Fundamentalist, directed by Mira Nair.
* Previously unreleased.

Written and produced by Peter Gabriel.
Engineered by Richard Chappell and Richard Evans. Mixed by Richard Evans.
Taken from the film Les Morsures de l’Aube, directed by Antoine de Caunes.
* Previously unreleased.

In Your Eyes
Written by Peter Gabriel.
Produced by Daniel Lanois and Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Kevin Killen and Daniel Lanois. Featured in the film Say Anything, directed by Cameron Crowe.
* This is the film version of the song. Previously unreleased.

** NB. Due to the nature of the picture disc manufacturing process the sound quality may not be comparable to our recent black vinyl releases, though every effort has been made to make this LP sound as good as possible within the limitations of the picture disc format.
For the audiophiles amongst you a hi-res download code is included.**

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Phil Collins: “Other Sides” and “Remixed Sides” – INFO & BUY NOW

Phil Collins: two new digital albums "Other Sides" and "Remixed Sides".

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Both albums will be availale in digital format only - BUY NOW:

Phil Collins - Other Sides
Click Here and Buy on Amazon

Other Sides is a digital-only collection of B-sides released from 1981 through 2003.  Among the tracks the demo versions of hits "In the Air Tonight," "I Missed Again" and "Another Day in Paradise," the latter under its original name, "Homeless."


In the Air Tonight (Demo)

I Missed Again (Demo)

If Leaving Me Is Easy (Demo)

The Man With the Horn


I Like the Way

Big Noise (Instrumental)

Homeless ("Another Day in Paradise" Demo)

Lionel ("Do You Remember" Demo)

Broadway Chorus ("Something Happened on the Way To Heaven" Home Demo)

Around the World in 80 Presets

Rad Dudeski

Don't Call Me Ashley

Both Sides of the Demo (Early Demo)

Everyday (Early Demo)

For a Friend

Stevie's Blues ("Theres a Place for Us" Instrumental)

It's Everywhere

Tears of a Clown (Wake Up Call) [2003 Version]

Phil Collins - Remixed Sides
Click Here and Buy on Amazon

Remixed Sides is a digital-only collection of extended and remixed versions of songs from throughout his solo career. 


In the Air Tonight (Ben Liebrand Extended Version)

In the Air Tonight ('88 Remix)

Easy Lover (Extended Dance Mix)
Philip Bailey & Phil Collins


Take Me Home (Extended Remix)

Sussudio (Extended Remix)

Who Said I Would (Extended Remix)

Only You Know and I Know (Extended Remix)

Don't Lose My Number (Extended Remix)

One More Night (Extended Remix)

The Roof Is Leaking (Nicka's Stella Polaris Interpretation)


Medley Mega Mix: Sussudio / Don't Lose My Number / You Can't Hurry Love

Something Happened on the Way to Heaven (One World Remix)

Hang in Long Enough (Pettibone 12" Mix)

Hang in Long Enough (Pettibone Dub Mix)

Hang in Long Enough (Pop Club Mix)

Hang in Long Enough (Dub 1)

Wear My Hat (Hat Dance Mix)

Wear My Hat (Wear My Dub)

Both releases come in advance of the launch of a new European leg of Still Not Dead Yet Live! tour, which starts June 2 in Vienna, Austria.  The U.S. leg of the trek starts September 23 in Dallas - READ MORE

Phil Collins continues his outstanding series of remastered versions with classic live albums ‘Serious Hits…Live!’ and ‘A Hot Night In Paris’. Out TODAY February 1st.

Digital Remastered Versions:

Di Phil Collins è uscito anche Plays Well With Others, l'album con la collezione delle sue migliori collaborazioni. 

"Some would say I’ve lived a charmed life. I’ve done what I wanted for most of it, and got paid well for doing something I’d have done for nothing. Playing the drums. During that time I’ve played with most of my heroes, most have become close friends. Over these 4 CD’s you’ll find a mere smattering of those moments. I thank the artists for letting me put this CD together, no easy task! Love, PC"

Dalla Pagina Facebook di Phil Collins.

Phil Collins – Plays Well With Others è una collezione di 59 brani delle sue migliori collaborazioni.

Il 4 CD box set copre la sua carriera dal 1969 al 2011, con le registrazioni di Phil con artisti come  Brian Eno, Robert Plant, Chaka Khan, e tanti altri. 

Compralo su Amazon - CLICCA QUI (e aiuti Horizons Radio - LEGGI COME).



Disco: 1

  1. Guide Me Orion - Flaming Youth
  2. Knights (Reprise) - Peter Banks
  3. Don't You Feel It - Eugene Wallace
  4. I Can't Remember, But Yes - Argent
  5. Over Fire Island - Brian Eno
  6. Savannah Woman - Tommy Bolin
  7. Pablo Picasso - John Cale
  8. Nuclear Burn - Brand X
  9. No One Receiving - Brian Eno
  10. Home - Rod Argent
  11. M386 - Brian Eno
  12. ...And So To F... - Brand X
  13. North Star - Robert Fripp
  14. Sweet Little Mystery - John Martyn
  15. Intruder (2002 Remastered Version) - Peter Gabriel
  16. I Know There's Something Going On - Frida
  17. Pledge Pin - Robert Plant
  18. Lead Me To The Water - Gary Brooker


Disco: 2

  1. In The Mood (2006 Remastered Version) - Robert Plant
  2. Island Dreamer - Al DiMeola
  3. Puss 'N' Boots - Adam Ant
  4. Walking On The Chinese Wall - Philip Bailey
  5. Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid 30
  6. Just Like A Prisoner - Eric Clapton
  7. Because Of You - Philip Bailey
  8. Watching The World - Chaka Khan
  9. No One Is To Blame - Howard Jones
  10. If Leaving Me Is Easy - The Isley Brothers
  11. Angry (1993 Remaster) - Paul McCartney
  12. Loco In Acapulco - The Four Tops
  13. Walking On Air - Stephen Bishop
  14. Hall Light - Stephen Bishop
  15. Woman In Chains - Tears For Fears
  16. Burn Down The Mission - Phil Collins


Disco: 3

  1. No Son Of Mine - Genesis
  2. Could've Been Me - John Martyn
  3. Hero - David Crosby
  4. Ways To Cry - John Martyn
  5. I've Been Trying - Phil Collins
  6. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (feat. Phil Collins) - Quincy Jones
  7. Why Can't It Wait Till Morning - Fourplay
  8. Suzanne - John Martyn
  9. Looking For An Angel - Laura Pausini
  10. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End - George Martin
  11. In the Air Tonite (feat. Phil Collins) [Boogieman's Album Version] - Lil' Kim
  12. Welcome - Phil Collins
  13. Can't Turn Back The Years - John Martyn


Disco: 4

  1. In The Air Tonight (Live at the Secret Policeman's Other Ball) - Phil Collins
  2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Live at the Prince's Trust Concert 1987) - George Harrison
  3. You Win Again (Live at the Prince's Trust Concert 1988) - Bee Gees
  4. There'll Be Some Changes Made (Live in Montreux 2004) - Phil Collins & Tony Bennett
  5. Stormy Weather (Live at The Montreux Jazz Festival 1996) - Phil Collins & Quincy Jones
  6. Chips & Salsa - The Phil Collins Big Band
  7. Birdland (with The Buddy Rich Big Band) - Phil Collins
  8. Pick Up The Pieces (Live at The Montreux Jazz Festival 1998) - Phil Collins
  9. Layla (Live at Party At The Palace, June 3, 2002) - Eric Clapton
  10. Why (Live at Party At The Palace, June 3, 2002) - Annie Lennox
  11. Everything I Do (I Do It For You) [Live at Party At The Palace, June 3, 2002] - Bryan Adams
  12. With A Little Help From My Friends (Live at Party At The Palace, June 3, 2002) - Joe Cocker

E' anche uscita una nuova compilation The Singles. Phil ha pure annunciato un nuovo tour, in ottobre, in USA & Canada. 

Clicca qui per acquistare The Singles.

E' uscita la nuova edizione di The Singles. Si tratta di un doppo LP in vinile. Le tracce sono 19: 

LP1, Side 1
In The Air Tonight
I Missed Again
You Can't Hurry Love
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
Easy Lover

LP1, Side 2
One More Night
Separate Lives
A Groovy Kind Of Love
Two Hearts

LP2, Side 1
Another Day In Paradise
I Wish It Would Rain Down
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
Do You Remember?

LP2, Side 2
Both Sides Of The Story
Dance Into The Light
True Colors
Can't Stop Loving You
(Love Is Like A) Heatwave

Clicca qui per acquistare The Singles su Amazon. 

Phil Collins ha anche annunciato un nuovo tour con questo post su Facebook: 

Qualche giorno prima, con un post sui suoi social, Phil aveva messo l'acquolina in bocca ai fan, specialmente di quei paesi, come l'Italia, non ancora toccati dal suo tour.  Del resto non andava in Nord America da 12 anni. Ecco l'annuncio su Facebook:


Ecco la prima edizione di The Singles

Varie possibilità: cofanetti da 2 CD, 3 CD e 4 LP.


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Mike + The Mechanics: “M6” turns 20, 5th studio album features many classics

M6 turns 20. Released on 31/5/1999, Mike + The Mechanics’ 5th studio album features many MATM classics.

English English Italiano Italiano

The new album by MIKE + THE MECHANICS, ‘Out Of The Blue’, also comes as a special Deluxe edition - BUY NOW:

The edition includes acoustic versions of the songs ‘Don't Know What Came Over Me’, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’, ‘The Living Years’, ‘Beggar On A Beach Of Gold’, ‘Another Cup Of Coffee’ and ‘Over My Shoulder’. 

‘Out Of The Blue’ feat. 3 brand new productions from Mike, Andrew and Tim as well as selected MATM classics from the past 4 decades.

The record will be released digitally, on CD and on vinyl on April 5. Both physical formats will also be available as Deluxe editions including 6 acoustic songs.


1. One Way

2. Out Of The Blue

3. What Would You Do

4. The Living Years 5. Beggar On A Beach Of Gold

6. Get Up

7. Another Cup Of Coffee

8. All I Need Is A Miracle

9. Silent Running

10. Over My Shoulder

11. Word Of Mouth


12. Don’t Know What Came Over Me

13. The Best Is Yet To Come

14. The Living Years

15. Beggar On A Beach Of Gold

16. Another Cup Of Coffee

17. Over My Shoulder

The Official Video for Out of the Blue by Mike + The Mechanics. Taken from the new album 'Out of the Blue' out 5th April.

English English Italiano Italiano

MIKE + THE MECHANICS: "What Would You Do", the second single from their forthcoming album, is now available online.

Buy now:

The first track by MIKE + THE MECHANICS album: "Out Of The Blue".


Mike + The Mechanics new album ‘Out Of The Blue’.

Mike + The Mechanics play their brand new song ‘Out Of The Blue’ live on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio UK breakfast show.

Mike + The Mechanics back on tour across Europe.


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The Picture – “Aisle of Plenty”, the new painting by Frank Grabowski

The Picture: images posted (and re-posted) by Genesis & Co. and friends. Today's pic.

English English Italiano Italiano

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HR Press Review – Kronen Zeitung: Phil Collins honorary doctor of the Kunstuni Graz University – INTERVIEW

Kunstuni Graz makes Phil Collins an honorary doctorate on May 22. Interview.

English English Italiano Italiano


 "I'm now getting older, where you get all sorts of awards," jokes the Oscar and Grammy award winner in an interview with the "Steirerkrone" about the honorary doctorate, which the Graz University of Applied Sciences gave him on Wednesday evening.

In Graz Phil Collins took his time for the next generation and answered the questions of the students of the Kunstuni: "Do not look for the quick way to fame, for example in a casting show, but go your own way" said Phil.

On the 2nd of June he plays again on a big scale: in the Happel-Stadion in Vienna - SPECIAL

READ MORE (in German)...

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ARCHIVIO – Video Memories: Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt), released 30/5/1980 – SPECIAL

Select Language

English English Italiano Italiano

Peter Gabriel - Melt

In occasione del 40ennale, Peter Gabriel ha pubblicto questo raro filmato di ‘Games Without Frontiers’ registrato live a Buenos Aires nel 2009.

Il 28 maggio 2020 Peter ha fatto uscire questo video che riprende un'intervista realizzata nel 2002 per l'uscita del CD ri-masterizzato. Gabriel parla della realizzazione del suo terzo album omonimo, appunto, chiamato Melt per via dell'iconica immagine di copertina, creata da Storm Thorgerson dello Studio Hipgnosis.

Ed ecco 10 motivi per riascoltare questo album.

1.  E' l'album di Gabriel maggiormente costellato di ospiti prestigiosi, come il produttore Steve Lillywhite e il chitarrista Dave Gregory (I Don't Remember e Family Snapshot) degli XTC, l'inizio della lunga collaborazione con David Rhodes, il vecchio amico Phil Collins e il percussionista Morris Pert (Intruder e No Self Control), la nuova collaboratrice Kate Bush (No Self Control e Games Without Frontiers), il sassofonista inglese Dick Morissey (Start), Paul Weller, allora leader dei Jam (And Through The Wire).

2. Per la prima volta Peter ha usato la drum machine (Games Without Frontiers e Biko, in particolare) e ha sperimentato alla batteria quel suono particolare, con il gated reverb, che caratterizza Intruder, utilizzato l'anno dopo da Phil Collins per In The Air Tonight. Una sonorità che è diventata un modello standard per buona parte del pop inglese degli anni ottanta.

3. Phil Collins inizialmente era scettico riguardo l'idea di non usare affatto i piatti. Ma Peter è stato inamovibile, dato che così poteva sfruttare i toni alti con tutta una nuova serie di sonorità, una varietà di campi da esplorare. Paradossalmente, Gabriel è stato accusato di plagiare Collins, quando In The Air Tonight ha avuto un successo planetario.

4. Gabriel è stato uno dei primi musicisti a utilizzare il Fairlight, un rivoluzionario sintetizzatore che campionava i suoni naturali. Peter addirittura ne divenne il distributore in Inghilterra, in società con un cugino. Nel disco troviamo anche sonorità nuove per il solco rock (post-progressive) in cui è ancora collocato, come lo xilofono (Intruder), il sax (Start), la marimba (No Self Control e Lead A Normal Life), la cornamusa,  i tamburi surdu e cori originali sudafricani (Biko).

5. Family Snapshot è ispirata dal libro An Assassin's Diary (Un diario di un assassino) di Arthur Bremer, testo che ha ispirato anche lo sceneggiatore del film Taxi Driver di Martin Scorsese. Ma un altro libro, Dispatches, le cui foto hanno suggerito a Gabriel alcuni verso di Games Without Frontiers, ha creato non pochi problemi di censura con la BBC.

6. L'album sembra avere un filo conduttore di devianza psicologica, affrontando temi come lo stalking (Intruder), schizofrenia e paranoia (No Self Control), la rimozione (I Don't Remember), la cattiva influenza dei media (Family Snapshot), l'assenza di comunicazione (And Through The Wire), la malattia mentale (Lead A Normal Life). Ma è importante anche l'aspetto "politico". Peter prende posizione contro la guerra (Games Without Frontiers), la paura per l'"altro" (Not One Of Us), l'apartheid (Biko).

7. Davide Castellini in Le canzoni di Peter Gabriel, Editori Riuniti, fa notare come siano tante le espressioni negative nei titoli e nei testi (no, don't, not, never without). Lo stesso Peter se n'era accorto, tanto che, sempre citato da Castellini, temeva di "trasformare l'album in una predica a un bambino, piena di non fare questo, non fare quello".

8. Gabriel era incerto se pubblicare o meno Biko nel disco. Nonostante la sua sincerità nei confronti del tema, temeva di non essere una voce valida per una causa così lontana geograficamente e socialmente da lui. Inoltre la storia di Steven Biko era stata raccontata già in varie canzoni, compresa A Motor Bike In Africa di Peter Hammill, suo amico, collaboratore, nonché vicino di casa a Bath.

9. Biko viene inserita poi nell'album su insistenza dell'amico Tom Robinson. "Fu una chiave di volta nella mia carriera di musicista e di paroliere", racconta Gabriel, citato da Mario Giammetti in Peter Gabriel. Not one of us, Edizioni segno. Inizia infatti il percorso di Peter verso l'impegno per i diritti civili, che lo vedrà in tutte le manifestazioni che il mondo della musica organizzerà per sensibilizzare il pianeta.

10. Per la copertina, quarta e ultima collaborazione con lo studio Hipgnosis e il suo fondatore Storm Thorgerson. Attraverso la tecnica denominata Krimsography, inventata dall'americano Les Krim, una Polaroid con il ritratto di Peter viene manipolata con una gomma da cancellare sull'emulsione ancora fresca. E l'effetto melt, appunto, che dà il titolo informale all'album, è fatto.

Peter Gabriel 3, Melt - Registrazione originale rimasterizzata - IN VENDITA SU AMAZON

Peter Gabriel - Melt

Qual è il migliore album di Peter Gabriel? CLICCA QUI E DI' LA TUA

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Video Memories: Phil Collins, Reunion Arena Dallas 29/5/1985 – VIDEO FULL CONCERT

Video Memories, Genesis & Co. History through videos.

By D.B.

English English Italiano Italiano

Reunion Arena, Dallas on the 29th May 1985 during The 'No Jacket Required' Tour - VIDEO FULL CONCERT:

0:00:00 - Only You Know And I Know

0:04:38 - Against All Odds

0:08:40 - Who Said I Would

0:13:05 - Sussudio

0:18:12 - Behind The Lines

0:21:50 - Westside

0:29:21 - One More Night

0:35:33 - In The Air Tonight

0:41:46 - Band Introductions

0:53:21 - Like China

0:59:05 - You Can't Hurry Love

1:02:10 - It Don't Matter To Me

1:06:29 - Hand In Hand

1:15:49 - Take Me Home

1:23:53 - It's Alright

1:27:04 - Droned

Tour band:

  • Phil Collins – vocals, piano, drums, percussion
  • Daryl Stuermer – guitar, backing vocals
  • Leland Sklar – bass, backing vocals
  • Peter Robinson – piano, keyboards, vocoder
  • Chester Thompson – drums, percussion
  • The Phenix Horns
    • Rahmlee Michael Davis – trumpet, percussion, backing vocals
    • Michael Harris – trumpet, percussion, backing vocals
    • Don Myrick – saxophone, percussion, backing vocals
    • Louis Satterfield – trombone, percussion, backing vocals

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Video Memories: Peter Gabriel at Waldbühne, Berlin 25/5/2014 – VIDEOS

Video Memories, Genesis & Co. History through videos.

By D.B.

English English Italiano Italiano

Peter Gabriel at Waldbühne, Berlin 25/5/2014:

Setlist (by


  1. Daddy Long Legs
  2. Come Talk to Me
  3. Shock the Monkey
  4. Family Snapshot


  1. Digging in the Dirt
  2. Secret World
  3. The Family and the Fishing Net
  4. No Self Control
  5. Solsbury Hill
  6. Show Yourself


  1. Red Rain
  2. Sledgehammer
  3. Don't Give Up
  4. That Voice Again
  5. Mercy Street
  6. Big Time
  7. We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)
  8. This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds)
  9. In Your Eyes


  1. Here Comes the Flood
    (German lyrics: Jetzt kommt die Flut)
  2. The Tower That Ate People
  3. Biko

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