Seven Stones: Genesis & Co. Turn It On Again – GUESS THE LINK between these seven songs

Seven degrees of unity between Genesis & Co.

By Filippo Collini

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Guess the link between these seven songs:

Check if you got it right:

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1) Genesis’ “Ravine” appeared in “The Vietnam War” (TV Mini-Series documentary) 1th episode

2) Peter Gabriel’s version of “Heroes” appeared in the TV series “Strange Things” 3th episode 2016 & 8th ep. 2019 and in “9-1-1” season 1 epsiode 1

3) “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins appeared in the TV series Miami Vice episodes “Brother’s Keeper” and “A Bullet for Crockett”

4) Steve Hackett’s theme from “Second Chance”, a hit UK TV series at the time featuring Steve’s friend, actor Ralph Bates

5) “Mindhunter” smash cuts to black with Peter Gabriel’s 1980 song “Intruder” playing over the credits in the season 2 epsiode 9 2019

6) “Mama” by Genesis appeared in a 1986 episode of “Magnum P.I.” entitled “Death and Taxes”

7) Peter Gabriel’s “Games without Frontieres” appeared in the TV series “Legion” – Chapter 24 (2019)


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