Seven Stones: Genesis & Co. “Everywhere” – GUESS THE LINK between these seven songs

By Filippo Collini – 

Seven degrees of unity between Genesis & Co.

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Guess the link between these seven songs:




Check if you got it right:

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1) “For Absent Friends”, an acoustic track written by Collins and Hackett, is the first Genesis song with Collins on lead vocals, 1971

2) Phil Collins sang “More Fool Me” on Genesis’ album Selling England by the Pound, 1973

3) Collins sang and played drums, vibraphone and percussion on Hackett’s first solo album, Voyage of the Acolyte, 1975

4) Phil Collins lead vocals on “Which Way the Wind Blows”, “God If I Saw Her Now” and “Silver Song” on Anthony Phillips’ first studio album The Geese & the Ghost, 1977

5) Phil played on the Brand X album Product and its accompanying tour, 1979

6) Phil played drums on several of the Gabriel’s third album’s tracks. “Intruder” has been cited as the first use of Collins’ “gated drum” sound, 1979

7) Peter Gabriel backing vocals on “Take Me Home”, tenth and final track on Collins’ third solo album, No Jacket Required.


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