Anthony Phillips on Anna Madsen's new album

Anthony Phillips and the ex GTR Jonathan Mover collaborate on the new studio album efflorescence by Anna Madsen.

The American singer counts among her musical influences the contemporary classical, the religious hymns, the world music and alternative Rock and Folk.

His new album, efflorescence, sees her exploring different styles, including indie pop, art rock, progressive rock and American folk.

The record was produced by Brian Coombes (former member of the progressive rock band Tristan Park) al Rocking Horse Studio of Pittsfield, USA, with further registrations in London.

Among the guests stand out, in fact Anthony Phillips and the former drummer GTR Jonathan Mover.

Here is a brief description of the tracks, with the contribution of the two musicians to their realization (from press sheet):

Devil's Garden
Among the songs most progressive, with a harmonic progression dark and with Jonathan Mover on drums.

"Gypsy pop" song about Platonic love.

Palm reader
Ethereal voice and great harmonies accompanied by the orchestra.

March of the Wounded
A powerful song pop-progressive.

Black Dress
Gloomy and sinister atmosphere, with Anthony Phillips on electric guitar and Jonathan Mover on drums.

Golden Room
Baroque pop with central opera section.

Madame Laree
Popular gypsy fairy tale.

Atmospheric pop / rock with a dark text.

Another song progressive with mellotron, harpsichord and cello.

Irena's Lullaby
Pastoral, with 12 strings and bows, featuring Anthony Phillips.

Soldier Song
Simple folk song.

Pioneer Hymn
Spiritual, featuring Anthony Phillips on guitar four.

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