Prog 61

Multimedia pages of Horizons Radio on Tribute Bands dedicated to Genesis & Co. Here are the Prog 61.

Self-presentation (from the website):

PROG 61 born as a cover band of 70s and 80s rock classics.

Over the years, the focus has shifted mainly to the group's favorite genre, Progressive rock, and in 2011 the live project dedicated to GENESIS.

PROG 61 offer a repertoire that covers the first period of the historic English band with Peter Gabriel, up to the 80s period with Phil Collins as singer.

This elasticity of repertoire gives the group the opportunity to play in various events and clubs in Tuscany, including Blitz, Teatro Lumière, Route 66, Poppa Garden and Gustavo Ridendo.

In spring 2016 the Tyrrhenian publish an exclusive article about the band. 

However, PROG 61 does not limit itself to reproducing music of other groups, but over the years they compose many of their own songs, always of the Progressive genre, up to the realization in 2012 of a self-produced CD, "The silent journey", containing a unique themed suite, in the style of other typical works of the genre.


Maurizio Tamma: Lead electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Marco De Martino: Rythm and 12 strings guitar, vocals, percussions
Michele Guerrazzi: Drums and percussions
Fabio Gori: Lead vocals, flute, percussions
Carlo Poli: Bass and bass pedals
Franco Falconcini: Keyboards and vocals

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