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Ours is a show that is the result of a long study of the various musical situations of Genesis, with particular attention to the sounds and rhythms typical of the years in which progressive Rock occupied a leading position in the international music scene.


The Band was born in 74 as the first experience of keyboardist Massimo Metalli and then bassist Ugo Cosentino logically with clear Rock influence of the time. But the band began to have continuity in '77 with the insertion of the current bassist Giampiero Sparagna and the move of Ugo Cosentino to the drums. The first sessions took place on covers of Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Santana etc ... The first quintet was formed in 1978 playing, first cover of Genesis, then going through various Funk experiences, Fusion to produce their own music. This experience led Estro to produce some songs on vinyl which were then used as soundtracks for some RAI broadcasts. Left in three in '87 the band after a few years dedicated to improvisation, looking for new elements and various musical study experiences, found the realization of the current training with the guitarist Giovanni Barbati, coming from professional experiences with other bands (Officina Mechanics, Termini Station) with which he has made numerous albums and singles, but has been standing still for a few years. The Band at this point begins its activity with covers of: Toto, Level 42, Queen, Pink FLoyd and of course Genesis, playing a lot in the clubs of Rome, Latina and Provinces.

Starting from '94, the turning point: it becomes a "Genesis Cover Band" in all respects dedicating itself only to the tracks of the 1970-78 production. The meticulousness and fussiness of the individual musicians leads them to an exasperated search for sounds so as to obtain analogical and emulator instruments, typical of those years and necessary for the reproduction of the atmospheres of Genesis music. In the winter of 2001, after a series of positive results, the group met Antonello Bitocchi, singer of another Roman cover-band (Squonk) but who had been standing still for a long time. The band then begins an even more meticulous preparation and also oriented to the show's spectacular nature. The training with which he proposes himself is even more complete, greater attention is given to the Gabrielian period, using, like the well-known vocalist, the masks of the characters resulting from his imagination and his stories. Since 2007 a close collaboration began with the well-known Roman singer Roberto D'Amore already known for the tribute to Peter Gabriel and lover of all that comes from the old "Charisma Label" and has also brought to the band a wider availability and greater flexibility. In October 2008 the meeting with Pino Vecchioni, drummer with considerable experience in Rai, and a deepened passion for Genesis therefore .... Bingo! in fact together with Ugo in "Dual Drums" the sound becomes that of Seconds Out .... and also the show.

Training: Roberto D'Amore Voice; Gianni Barbati Guitar; Giampiero Sparagna Bass; Massimo Metalli Keyboard; Ugo Cosentino Drums; Pino Vecchioni Drums.


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