Siena, Palazzetto dello Sport, April 17, 1972

On April 17, 1972 Genesis are live in Siena, at the Palazzetto dello Sport.

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Here is a detailed account of

Mario Giammetti in Genesis. The years Prog reports a memory of Tony Banks, which concerns the execution of Watcher Of The Skies:

"In Siena at the Palasport ... even before having recorded it ... the introduction seemed really great in that location with a great echo ..."

On this occasion, the first cover of a Genesis song was made.

Here's how Mino Profumo reported in Genesis in Italy. The concerts 1972-1975:

"In rehearsals Odissea perform a Genesis song in the presence of the same English band in the audience that shows incredulity and lively satisfaction. It is perhaps the first live cover version of a Genesis song. Odissea however decide not to repeat this exploit during the their performance. "

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