Collector's Corner: Genesis, all versions of Trespass

The Collector's Corner of Horizons Radio traveling in the Genesis discography. Second episode: Trespass.

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By Antonio Filippi

In England Trespass released October 23, 1970 in version Pink Scroll Label area of Charisma. Here she is. A roll of pink parchment with the inscription "The Famous Charisma Label". WATCH THE AVAILABLE COLLECTION VERSIONS ON EBAY.

The gatefold cover contains the texts. There appear to be two versions of this pack, one rough inside and outside and the other smooth inside and slightly rough outside.

Double output instead in Italy. The first, very rare, is from 1971, the second, from the following year, is a reprint, always from Philips and distributed by Phonogram. The cover cannot be opened and is laminated. Afterwards, the reprints are on the label Charisma.


Similar to the English version is the Japanese one, look:


Of uncertain date - on the cover there is a 1996 license agreement -, as for the previous one From Genesis ..., L 'Russian edition, comes after the end of the Soviet era and already in the post-vinyl era.

90s also for theKorean exit, gatefold cover, Virgin distribution.

Listen to the album:

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