Genesis Tribute Bands: Revelation

Multimedia pages of Horizons Radio on Tribute Bands dedicated to Genesis & Co. Here are Revelation.


"The passion for the music and the atmosphere of Genesis, especially those with Gabriel as singer, is the element that has brought Revelation together.
The lineup follows faithfully that of Genesis and the approach to live performances is inspired by that of the Gabriellian period, with masks and choreography.
In the course of their activity, Revelation performed all the tracks on the discs from Trespass to Seconds out, experimenting over time with new live solutions. They were the first, probably in the world, to fully re-propose "The Lamb lies down on Broadway" and to resound the double live "Seconds Out" on two drums.
Their innate experimental streak led them, in 2009, to represent a show of innovative conception, in which the stage is completely immersed, thanks to a special scenography, in the projections of videos specially made to accompany the music of Genesis.
Revelation's activity does not end in the role of Tribute Band but extends to the production of original themes, which over the years have been developed in the CD "Migration" and in various discs that have seen the participation of artists from all over the world . "

Group members:

GEORGE CLEMENTELLI Lead Guitar - Bk.voice

PIER FRANCESCO DRAGO Voice - Flute - Theremin

MAXIMUM BUGLIONI Bass - Guitar - Bass Pedal - Choirs


LUCA BRUNORI Battery - Percussion

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