Genesis, Macphail's version and Peter Gabriel's preface

In November, a book by the band's former tour manager comes out with a preface by Peter Gabriel.

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It's called "Richard Macphail: My Book Of Genesis", the biography of the ex road manager the period from 1969 to 1973, the early days of the band and the sessions for recording the album Trespass , which came to life right in the legendary Cottage owned by his parents.

Increasingly important figure within the Genesis, until the sensational farewell later Foxtrot. Officially to deal with other things, but it seems he was increasingly in difficulty in the face of the appetites of the music business towards the band.

A last and warm greeting you can find it on the back cover of the album Genesis Live, enough to alarm fans and make them fear Richard's death. Who is instead alive and well, still in contact with Genesis & Co. and often participates in Genesis Days all over the world, including Italy.

Now comes "My Book Of Genesis" and Peter Gabriel's preface demonstrates Macphail's excellent relationships with former adventure companions. 

The book is written with Chris Charlesworth and will give readers a picture of the life of the band of that period, viewed from its angle. In addition to Gabriel there will be speeches by the other band members and 30 unpublished photos.

At the moment the only anticipation granted is a group of titles of some chapters. Here they are: In The BeginningMick Jagger - The Devil IncarnateThe Wilderness YearsThe Guy In The Top HatWhy Did You Leave GenesisBusted In St Gallen and The Reunion.

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