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Multimedia pages of Horizons Radio on Tribute Bands dedicated to Genesis & Co. Here are Sona et Labora.

Pink Floyd / Genesis tribute band (Pistoia, Tuscany).


The group was born in 2007 following the dissolution of a previous formation (Ars Nova) which included Luca Lombardi, Massimiliano Guidicelli, Lorenzo Righi, Cristiano Mungai (vocals) and Alberto Rossi (drums). The arrival of Francesco Monari as a solo voice determines a change towards a softer sound, and songs like Comfortably numb e Breathe they mark the beginning of a journey that engages the group in a repertoire that ranges from progressive to melodic rock, both Italian and English.

In 2010 Fabio Del Vigna (drums), Iacopo Verdi (guitar) and Andrea Bracciali (vocals) and Ilaria Gironi, Angela Pacini and Roberta Toma (choirs) were added. The project The Wall can finally take off.

In 2011 the first concert at the Melos in Pistoia represents a significant episode for the band. It is in fact on that occasion that the collaboration with Gabriello Losso begins (direction) which adds to the magic of music the charm of videos created specifically for the songs on the album, a natural, almost mandatory choice, since it is Pink Floyd.

Subsequent events such as the concert within the Pistoia Festival in the evocative setting of the Parterre (July 2011) and the show at the Bolognini Theater (March 2012), with the participation of the children's choir of the Mabellini school, fully describe the new path of the band and its ability to relate to administrations and associations of the territory.

After the concert in 2012 the band's structure changes again: Claide Magrini replaces Fabio Del Vigna on drums; Filippo Brilli (saxophones) joins the group for the sax parts featured in the songs Shine on you crazy diamondMoney e Us and them; Irene Micheli replaces Ilaria Gironi.

In April 2013, at the Manzoni Theater in Pistoia, the band presents a concert based on the albums The Wall, Wish you were here e The dark side of the Moon. The concert is attended by a corps de ballet and a choir of children from a local middle school (for the part of Another brick in the wall).

In the following years the band performed in various theaters in upper Tuscany: Afieri Theater in Castelnuovo Garfagana, Montand Theater in Monsummano Terme, National Theater in Quarrata, Pacini Theater in Pescia; there is no shortage of summer occasions such as the Empoli Festival, the Casalguidi Fair (Pistoia) and the Festa delle Quarantore in Montale (Pistoia). The collaboration with Santomato Live also begins.

In this period, Angela Pacini and Roberta Toma, replaced by Stefania Russo, and Alberto Rossi, Andrea Bracciali and Iacopo Verdi, replaced by Diego Lopilato, leave the group. In 2016 Andrea Michelozzi replaces Diego Lopilato, and from 2017 Stefano Negri (saxophones) replaces Filippo Brilli for some events.

Starting from the same year the group adds to the music of Pink Floyd that of another legendary British progressive band: Genesis. In the new repertoire, recently presented at Santomato Live, there is the medley that the English formation proposed in Rome in 2007, including extracts from In the cage, The LamiaSupper's readyThe cinema show, Slipperman e Many too many, in addition to the famous songs I know what I like, Follow you follow me e Firth of fifth (adapted from Selling England by the pound). The transverse flute parts are performed by Irene Micheli.

Each show is always accompanied by videos by Gabriello Losso, tireless director of every event and concert.

The band is part of the Pink Floyd Style website. 

Group members:

Luca Lombardi (vocals, electric bass)

Massimiliano Guidicelli (keyboards, piano)

Lorenzo Righi (guitars)

Andrea Michelozzi (guitars)

Claide Magrini (drums, percussion)

Francesco Monari (voice, choirs)

Irene Micheli (transverse flute, voice, choirs)

Stefania Russo (vocals, backing vocals)




Watch the videos - CLICK HERE




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