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MIKE + THE MECHANICS, the new compilation "Silent Running"(BUY IT ON AMAZON) comes out on July 27, 2018.

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Mike + The Mechanics have already made two compilations:

HITS (1996) 

and The Singles (2014) 

Now it comes Silent Running , out on July 27th.

Silent Running (The Masters Collection) contains an interesting and balanced mix of the band's Brandi, from debut to Let Me Fly 

on 2CDs.

Some are included track rare, like a pair of b sidesOne by one, belonging to the Living Years session, first published in  The singles.

Part of the songs are remastered, inexplicably, not all of them.  


Over My Shoulder (2014 Remastered)
All I Need Is a Miracle (2014 Remastered)
Nobody Knows (2014 Remastered)
You've Really Got A Hold On Me
Let Me Fly (Radio Edit)
One by one
Black & Blue (2014 Remastered)
A Time and Place (2014 Remastered)
Always the Last to Know (2014 Remastered)
Now That You've Gone (2014 Remastered)
Background noise
Try To Save Me
Nobody Told Me (2014 Remastered)
Everybody Gets a Second Chance (2014 Remastered)

Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) [2014 Remastered]
Another Cup of Coffee (2014 Remastered)
The Living Years (2014 Remastered)
Help Me (2014 Remastered)
Don't Know What Came Over Me (Radio Edit)
Taken In (2014 Remastered)
Perfect Child (2014 Remastered)
Web Of Lies
By Plane
Stop Baby
Poor Boy Down (2014 Remastered)
Whenever I Stop (2014 Remastered)
Seeing Is Believing (2014 Remastered)
One Left Standing

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