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On October 21, 1977 it came out Seconds Out, second album live Genesis, fourth position in the UK Albums Chart. Let's relive it together through videos and curiosities. 

Genesis, Seconds Out

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Traces (click the title to download the song from AMAZON):

Disco 1
  • Side A
  1. Squonk - 6: 39
  2. The Carpet Crawl (without the introductory verse) - 5:27
  3. Robbery, Assault and Battery - 6: 02
  4. Afterglow - 4: 29
  • Side B
  1. Firth of Fifth (without introduction to the piano) - 8:56
  2. I Know What I Like (enriched by Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, the final theme of stagnation and the introduction of Visions of Angels) - 8: 45
  3. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - 4: 59
  4. The Musical Box (closing section) (these two passages were the to final of the concert) - 3:18
Disco 2
  • Side C
  1. Supper's Ready - 24: 33
  • Side D
  1. The Cinema Show  (taken from the 1976 tour, with Bill Bruford on drums, because it was the last in which this song was performed in its entirety)
  2. Dance on a Volcano (without the final instrumental section, replaced by drum duet that connects it to Los Endos) - 5: 09
  3. Los Endos - 6: 20

The double album welcomes recordings from concerts to Palais des Sports in Paris from 11 to 14 June 1977, during the European tour of Wind & Wuthering. Here is the audio of the live of the first day:


  • Phil Collins - lead vocals, drums, percussion
  • Steve Hackett - 12-string electric and acoustic guitars
  • Mike Rutherford - 4 and 8 string bass, 12 string guitar, bass pedals, backing vocals
  • Tony Banks - electric piano, organ Hammond, synthesizers, 12-string guitar, backing vocals
  • Chester Thompson - drums, percussion
  • Bill Bruford - drums in The Cinema Show

From Peter Gabriel praise comes to Genesis live in the new lineup, especially on the role of Collins as frontman, but also for the harmony in the rhythm part, between Collins and Bruford first, with Thompson then. Mario Giammetti, in Genesis. The river of constant change, Editori Riuniti, reports his words:

"I went to see them at the Hammersmith Odeon on the tour following my departure. I felt much more comfortable than I would have thought, except for a couple of gasps during Supper's Ready, where it felt like someone else was wearing my clothes. Now I can watch Phil sing without being emotionally attached to a song anymore. "

Seconds Out it's also the latest Genesis album where Steve Hackett plays. Steve told ad Armando Gallo in Genesis: I Know What I Like

"I felt that Genesis were becoming repetitive and I knew that in order to best express myself I would have to get out of my role in the band. The problem was that financial security was leading to spiritual impoverishment and it was killing me to play the same day after day. tracks".

Remember Mike rutherford in his autobiography The Living Years

"It embarrasses me to say that I didn't really realize how unhappy Steve was most of the time he was a member of the group. We weren't exactly the most sensitive individuals in the world and Steve was a fairly private person, like everyone else. us anyway, but I thought he was enjoying himself anyway. (...) On my personal Richter scale, the loss of Steve did not register shocks comparable to those of Ant or Pete ".

It tells Phil Collins in his autobiography No, I'm not dead yet

"In this period, Steve's frustration also becomes evident. He released his solo album, but instead of decreasing the pressure, he increased it. He wants to have more songs of his on the Genesis albums. What is positive for me is revealed negative for him: the new Genesis configuration has unexpectedly opened new avenues for composing the pieces, and while I feel more and more confident as an author, Steve still does not receive the creative space he thinks he deserves. (...) But if we are surviving the loss of a singer, we are able to survive that of a guitarist. We continue, undeterred, with Mike giving us both bass and solo guitar ".

Genesis, Seconds Out

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