“From Genesis to Revelation” was released on March 7, 1969 - SPECIAL

From Genesis To Revelation is the debut album of Genesis, released on March 7, 1969. Here are some curiosities related to the band's first job.


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Here are some curiosities related to the band's first job.


After making two 45 turns with Chris Stewart to the battery (The Silent Sun / That's Me e A Winter's Tale / One-Eyed Hound), in the summer of 1968 the band entered the studio to prepare From Genesis To Revelation, taking advantage of the summer holidays from college. In the meantime, Stewart has taken over Jonathan Silver. It is producer Jonathan King who makes the change on drums. The task of giving the sad welcome to Chris falls to his friend Mike Rutherford, but he must not work too hard. Stewart knows he's not up to the task. "I didn't like Jonathan King and I didn't like him," he said. He was the one who got me kicked out of the band, which was the right thing to do anyway because I wasn't a good drummer ”. (from Mario Giammetti, Genesis. The river of constant change, Gathered publishers)

In the last verse of Where The Sour Turns To Sweet we also find a first reference to Peter's transformative ambitions... Paint your face all white To show the peace inside [...] Paint your face all white To show the peace you have inside [...] ... Already at school, the future frontman in fact, he loved to amaze his companions with extravagant initiatives. Anthony Phillips also reminds us: "Peter liked anything: he was an intelligent boy, he had certain hats made by Dunns [...] Everyone bought his hats. He also dyed his shirts, at the Charterhouse: our white shirts became turquoise . A colorful man, Peter. And he always had a lot of creative ideas. " (by Giovanni De Liso, Genesis. Once upon a time. Commented texts (1969-1974), Arcana Ed.)

Indeed there are few passages with direct biblical references. The Genesis in fact take some breaks from concept with love songs (One Day, Silent Sun), introspective themes (Am I Very Wrong?, In Limbo), almost western setting (The Conqueror).

Due to a dispute over the name Genesis, also used at the time by a Californian band, producer Jonathan King has the album released with cover completely black and without the name of the group. So some shops display the album in religious music sections.

The tempting snake and the lost Eden of the passage, in fact The Serpentare destined to return to the songs of the Genesis members, even in their solo career: "in the mind of Peter Gabriel the image of this place will remain strong, so much so that the singer will recover it in 1993 for his solo album Us, when, accompanied by the persuasive voice of Sinead O'Connor, he intones: "In the blood of Eden lays a woman and a man / With the man in the woman and the woman in the man ". The myth of the tempting snake would have been fished out in a Tony Banks work (Strictly Inc., 1995) where there is a song entitled The Serpent Said; but above all it had already appeared in 1974 in a passage from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway dedicated to some mythological figures half woman and half snake: the piece was called The Lamia. " (by Giovanni De Liso, Genesis. Once upon a time. Commented texts (1969-1974), Arcana Ed.)

Also because of the wrong location in the stores, the album initially sold just over 600 copies. But after Genesis achieved success, in the following decades, Decca reissued it many times, in various formats, even changing the title or modifying the lineup. (Look at the copies of From Genesis To Revelation from collection).

The low number of sales of From Genesis to Revelation arouses discomfort among the members of the group. The band is in financially desperate conditions, even it seems that they skip meals. But they refuse, however, the cash aid provided by their respective families. None of the members lose heart, in the belief that success would come.

Although with the term Revelation you can also understand the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse of San Giovanni, the disk never mentions the text of the evangelist, which will instead be mentioned in Supper's Ready su Foxtrot and in parts of The Lamb.

With In Hiding Peter Gabriel lashes out against his school, the grim Charterhouse and the violent educational methods of its teachers. The words that use Genesis will then be traceable also in the denunciation of the British school system of Pink Floyd in The Wall. But while Roger Waters writes recalling the teenage years, Genesis composes when they are still students and "victims" of that system. A theme that they will then definitively abandon once they are "freed" from the Charterhouse.

Despite the economic problems, Genesis take well the bad reception of the album, both public and critical. "It was fortunate that the record was a commercial fiasco - said Tony Banks -. Had it been a success, it probably would not have pushed us to change register ”. (from Mario Giammetti, Genesis. The river of constant change, Gathered publishers). "Thank goodness it didn't work - said Richard Macphail -. It would have been a disaster if Genesis had had a hit at the time, because they were too young. " (Daryl Easlea, Without borders. Life and Music of Peter Gabriel, Arcana Ed.)

Visions Of Angels, of the next album Trespass, it's a'outtake di From Genesis To Revelation. A first version of the song was found on a reel in the attic of the Phillips house almost thirty years later and has remained unedited. Anthony Phillips wrote it as a love song for Peter Gabriel's future wife, Jill, with whom he too was in love. The lyrics were adapted to fit into the debut album, then adding to the love song religious reasons. After all, various songs of the following Genesis albums take up the biblical arguments, addressed by From ....

In 1999 the first drummer Chris Stewart became a successful writer with the book A house among lemons, in which he recounts his decision to leave everything and move to a farm in Andalusia, Spain. The novel is translated into ten languages ​​and followed by another success, A parrot on the pepper tree.

The Silent Sun it is deliberately inspired by the Bee Gees, one of Jonathan King's favorite bands and seen as a possible model for the fledgling band's style. And it was always the producer who decided both to make the album a concept with a biblical flavor, even if not all the songs have a religious content, and to add the accompanying strings, arranged and directed by Arthur Greenslade & Lou Warburton. “We were expecting a luxurious string sound, - remembers Mike Rutherford - but obviously the budget wasn't that big. With a great orchestra some of the songs would probably have come out better ”. (from Mario Giammetti, Genesis. The river of constant change, Gathered publishers)

From Genesis to Revelation it is also the title of a radio broadcast Italian weekly magazine, dedicated to prog, di Popular Network,  on air regularly since the summer of 1999. The editorial team is composed of Renato Scuffietti and Matthias Scheller.





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