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"You'll Be In My Heart" from the film Tarzan wins the Oscar for the Original Song at the 72nd edition of the award ceremony which was held on March 26, 2000 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.


Phil remenbers:

"On June 16, 1999, two days before Tarzan goes out to the United States, I get the my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in front of the Disney Capitan Theater. Never in a million years a humble girlHounslow's zin could have imaginednarlo ". Phil continues in his autobiography:

"It's the night of the 2000 Oscars. This time they think I'm good enough to sing my song. Cher is the one to present the category. When she opens the envelope and says my name - I won the Oscar for best original song - I'm absolutely amazed.

On balance, I remember the four years of work on Tarzan as an extraordinary adventure. I worked hard, I went beyond my limits, I met fantastic people and I learned a lot about a new artistic form. "

Phil had also won the "Best Original Song Motion Picture" at Golden Globes (2000):

But the other times it hadn't gone so well. Here is the relationship of the former Genesis with the film awards:

"Against All Odds" performed by Ann Reinking. Nomination for Best Original Song at the 57th Annual Academy Awards (1985), nomination for Best Original Album for Phil CollinsStevie Nicks Peter Gabriel, Stuart Adamson, Mike rutherford, Kid Creole, Michel Colombier, Larry Carlton.

Phil Collins is so happy when "Against All Odds" is nominated for an Academy Award in 1985, which postpones his Australian tour to attend the event.

The song was his first Number One in America and Phil is thrilled to have the chance to perform at the Oscars in front of a worldwide audience of millions of people. But there's a problem.

"A year after release, Against All Odds is nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song - said Phil Collins in his autobiography -.

Normally the pieces in the competition are performed by the respective artists, but in
1985 the Academy has decided to change and entrust them to other interpreters.

The lawsuit begins quietly, with a message to the Academy in which we communicate our availability to stop in Los Angeles
to perform during the ceremony before leaving for an Australian tour. From that moment the letters begin to fly, one of which addressed to a certain "Mr Paul Collins". "

Phil is a hardened cinephile, he has always watched Oscar night and now he has the privilege of being shortlisted.

"I don't want to offend anyone by pretending to sing my song, but at any moment I find myself in the middle of a Hollywood accident ", remember.

Phil doesn't let the disappointment shine through, telling reporters on the red carpet that he can't wait to see the Reinking version. But there is a lot of disappointment inside.

Against All Odds will be sung in playback by a dancer - continues Phil -. It must be said that she is not just any dancer, but the veteran Ann Reinking, former companion of the great choreographer Bob Fosse. Not that this prevents performance from being a colossal disaster. (...)

As soon as Ann Reinking intones my song, a thousand eyes stare at me, curious to see my reaction. I am simply embarrassed by the way I hear my song massacred and the wrong ideas that the public has made. "

And Phil doesn't win. Stevie Wonder receives the best song award for "I Just Called to Say I Love You".

Phil Collins & Lamont Dozier won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song in 1989, also receiving an Oscar nomination for "Two Hearts", music by Lamont Dozier and text by Phil Collins in the film Buster (Buster).

It is the year of A fish named Wanda and John Cleese is in the audience, candidate for the title of Best Actor.

"" All of this is fantastic, "I declare on the Globes stage in Los Angeles after having collected the prize - Phil recalls in his autobiography -. «I wrote the song for Buster, an English film that went completely unnoticed, mainly because of the distribution company. And yet, as I always say, forgive and forget. Or at least do fake. "

At those words, a laugh breaks out from the audience. It is John Cleese, who acknowledged his Basil's joke in "Fawlty Towers". I made John Cleese laugh: now I can say I'm satisfied. "

Peter Gabriel singing "That'll Do" at the 71st Annual Academy Awards (1999).

"We were very satisfied - said Bob Ezrin, quoted in Without borders. Life and music of Peter Gabriel di Daryl Easlea - . "Has been interesting because when we did Car, I got in touch in Los Angeles Peter with Randy Newman as a writer e artist. Peter's first meeting with Randy was through me at Nimbus.

Harry Garfield, the musical director of the movie Babe 2 made the call. I thought it was poetic. Peter was naturally excited. He was excited
that the three of us could meet in the same room, was a society of mutual admiration between we". 

The song is defeated from 'When You Bemild 'from The Prince Of Egypt by Stephen Schwartz. 


Peter Gabriel nominated for the 2009 Oscar for Best Original Song for "Down To Earth" from the film Wall-E at the Golden Globes, and for the Best Original Song at the 81st Academy Awards. 

Another diplomatic gaffe from the Academy. Gabriel could only have performed a 65-second snippet of the song.

"At the beginning we hoped to perform - recalled Peter, quoted in in Without borders. Life and music of Peter Gabriel di Daryl Easlea -.

We had taken it for granted, since there were only three candidates, that the songs would be played in full.

But the producers insisted and ... "so I decided to
withdraw from the ceremony"Peter said.

Peter remains in the audience while John Legend, accompanied by The Soweto Gospel Choir, performed the song in place of Gabriel.

"Down to Earth" has lost, beaten by "Jai Ho" by AR Rahman of Slumdog Millionaire. Bruce Springsteen's "The Wrestler" for the eponymous film was the third candidate track.

However Peter won the Grammy Award for Best Song written for a film, television or other visual media in 2009.

Oscar 2020. A video montage paid homage to the iconic songs inextricably linked to classic films, revisiting works like "in Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel in "Say Anything", "Don't You Forget About Me" by Keith Forsey in "The Breakfast Club" and "Lose Yourself" by Eminem in "8 Mile".


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