Unforgettable Gigs, Genesis in Italy: Lugo di Romagna (RA) 15/4/1972 - SPECIAL

The Concerts that made History.

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April 1972, the Genesis debut in Italy, the country that first understood their music. Here are the stages with sounds and images of that historical adventure.

April 15, 1972, the Genesis are in Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna), at the Hit Parade room.

Here are two concerts, afternoon and evening. LISTEN:

00:00 - Happy The Man;
04:04 - Stagnation:
13:44 - The Fountain Of Salmacis;
23:03 - Twilight Alehouse;
31:35 - The Musical Box;
45:04 - The Return Of The Giant Hogweed;
55:17 - The Knife;
01:04:34 - Going Out To Get You.

But just like on the previous date in Pavia, where the beginning was delayed by accidents between the boys and the police, here an important unexpected event comes between The evening concert is even rescinded.

The problem was, apparently, a black out the electrical system, caused by a throw of cushions towards the stage, the result of too much enthusiasm of the afternoon audience.

Here is how he remembers it with Horizons Radio Edio Caroli, present at the concert:

"I was in my twenties and Genesis back then was the biggest in the world like the Van Der Graf Generator, which I saw in the same room at that time. I also remember the rudeness of the boys who uprooted the cushions from the armchairs and threw them on stage."

Daniela Carlotti:

"I saw the concert in Lugo and the one in August in Marina di Ravenna, I was 16 and in both cases my parents accompanied me (obviously they didn't enter, it's not like now ...). Unfortunately I don't remember almost anything, not even the throwing pillows we are talking about. In Marina di Ravenna I saw the concert in the afternoon, I arrived late, I passed in front of Peter & Co. who were there one meter away, on a low platform. I don't remember that there were many people, not even in Lugo I would say. Anyway it was magical, especially in Lugo. I have a tremendous nostalgia, unfortunately. "

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Yet evidence of

Here are two bootleg Lugo with the concert:

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