Unforgettable Gigs, Genesis in Italy: San Siro Stadium, Milan 19/5/1987 - SPECIAL

The Concerts that made History.

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Genesis Live st San Siro Stadium, Milan Italy 19/5 /1987

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Here is the lineup:

Mama 07:13
Abachab 08:39
Phil Speaking In Italian 02:13
Domino 11:22
That's All 05:21
The Brazilian 05:08
Phil Speaking In Italian 01:26
In The Cage Medley 07:59
In That Quiet Earth 04:22
Afterglow 04:28
Land Of Confusion 05:09
Phil Speaking In Italian 01:32
Tonight Tonight Tonight 09:05
Throwing It All Away 06:26
Phil Speaking In Italian 02:19
Home By The Sea 11:31
Invisible Touch 04:52
Drum Duet 05:52
Los Endos 06:08
Turn It On Again 12:45

The group starts with two well-tested and tested two new course horses that make up one powerful opening of the concert (Mamma e Abacab). Watch the video:

Among the new tracks They work well  Domino  e The Brazilian, even if lightened by com tracksand That's All. Watch the video:

Among the classicalinstead last tour to In The Cage, which matches inmedley with In That Quiet Earth and goes to flow into Afterglow. Watch the video:

Unfortunately from this medley goes out forever Apocalypse in 9/8, remnant of the glorious Supper's Ready. When it is Show arrives in Italy, there is no trace of this workhorse of the live Genesis and a masterpiece beloved by fans, loudly requested in every concert. The cause: the effort it takes to the voice of Phil Collins. Here's what it looked like in the American part of tour il medley Cage-Quiet-Apocalipse. LISTEN:

And speaking of variations, here's how it was done, in the Australian part of tour, an excerpt from the list:  Your Own Special Way, with the accompaniment of the "Invisible String Section", made up of local orchestras depending on the city, as per local law. LISTEN:

Unforgettable then the drum duet by Phil and Chester Thompson (who, as is known, with Daryl Stuermer for years has accompanied in tour i Genesis), in which the two, now very close, are synchronized like two clocks. Here it is taken from the Wembley Stadium show in early July. LISTEN:

 And here the end. LISTEN:

Other videos:

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