Unforgettable Gigs, Genesis in Italy: Nursery Cryme Summer Tour, 18 - 24 Aug. 1972 - SPECIAL

The Concerts that made History.

By D.B.

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On August 18, 1972, the second part of the first Genesis tour in Italy starts from Feltre (BL). Here are the stages of that historical moment.

The summer part in Italy of Nursery cryme Tour starts with some hitches. Indeed,  skip the Rimini date, scheduled for 14 August and postponed to 23, due to the delay caused by the customs checks of August.

Here are the memories of Richard Macphail in My Book of Genesis (my translation):

"On the second Italian tour we had a few problems during the trip, because we didn't know that in Europe they have a lot of extra holidays, religious holidays. The border was closed, not for cars but for vans like ours, and we got stuck somewhere in the French Alps. Of course at the time there were no cell phones, no ATMs, no credit cards, no internet, nothing. We had enough money just to go to Italy, maybe to buy a couple of meals. , but nothing more and so we remained blocked until the border was opened again, a couple of days later. (...)

We slept uncomfortably under the van and the next morning we washed in a fountain in the middle of a small alpine village. All this meant that we were about two days late in Rimini, where the band was waiting for us. Hearing nothing, they obviously thought of the worst: that somewhere we had fallen off the edge of a cliff and that we had all died. They were visibly relieved to see us, but also a little pissed off. Margaret Banks gave me a real head wash. 'Don't you dare do it again,' he said. 'You put us through hell.'

Together with the team there was a professional audio mixer to work with our new mixing desk. He showed me how to use it, but at that point I graduated to become tour manager of Genesis, the guy with the briefcase who travels with the band, takes care of the administrator and no longer the handyman. Until then I was only a roadie, so it can be said that I was promoted, thanks to my long and devoted service. It is never too late, although I soon realized that after reaching this stage, perhaps my horizons were starting to expand beyond the world of Genesis. "

And probably for the same reason come also canceled the date of Fano (Pesaro) scheduled for 16. For an accurate reconstruction of these events, read also Genesis in Italy. The 1972-1975 concerts of Mino Profumo.

And also the location of the concert on August 18th is not the original one. Programmed in fact at Dancing Rose Lake of Arquà Petrarca (Padua), the live instead takes place at the sports field of Feltre (Belluno). An apparently unexplained variation, although some say it was due to accidents that occurred a few days earlier during a Van der Graaf Generator concert. 

But even here the concert was in doubt until the last minute due to the uncertain weather. But then Genesis can finally perform. Here is the registration:

This is Piero Gai's story on Horizons Radio:

"Unfortunately, even though it happened 800 meters from my house, I had to collect the information as I was too young to go there.
In the afternoon, there was also time for a mixed-team soccer match between those present and them, with a recovery ball and using one of the doors of the field. After hitting the net several times, Peter 
he threw the boom of the microphone still on the poor net, which took its revenge by entangling itself around it. It took some beauty and goodness to recover it.
The intro of "Watcher of the skies"caused a stampede between staff and relatives of the sick in the neighboring civil hospital (just a few meters away), given that the rumble that precedes the earthquake was thought of.
Last thing, but I could not verify it. Due to the problems that occurred during the concert, Peter had the money returned to those present. To some, he delivered them in person. "

So he remembers it the Belluno drummer Franco De Poli at the Gazzettino del Nordest and quoted by Rael Matrix in Genesis Forum Italy:

"He was at the sports field, with the lawn covered with sheets of panforte and in the middle of the field a kind of wooden house with a cellophane roof that served as a stage with the Genesis instruments inside, with Mellotron already on because it needed to warm up. In all we would have been two hundred. about twenty arrived from Belluno, ten from Feltre, the rest from all over the Veneto. Seeing them in that poor situation ... it's wonderful to remember. Gabriel had already kidnapped his forehead, put on his eyes, still didn't use masks ... and in the crescendo of "Musical Box", the stage was six meters from the net that divided it from the audience, it began to run towards us and to give big hits to the net with the microphone boom. Many ran away frightened! I remember they did everything"Nursery Crime", two tracks from"Foxtrot"and a preview of" Selling England By The Pound ".

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Here is the story of the subsequent tour dates in Italy:

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