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Seven degrees of unity between Genesis & Co.

By Filippo Collini

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Guess what ties these Seven Stones:

Check if you got it right:


1) The guitar score of “The Musical Box” was composed by Anthony Phillips, but inherited from Steve Hackett.

2) Many songs from the Gabriel era were then sung by Phil Collins.

3) Ray Wilson also found himself singing songs from the Gabriel and Collins era.

4) There are many covers of Genesis songs, like "White Mountain" by the Italian singer Ornella Vanoni.

5) “White Mountain” belongs to the “Trespass” album, like “The Knife”, another song inherited from the line-up with Anthony Phillips.

6) The passage of the microphone between Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins happened even before the abandonment of the band by Peter, the first time was for “For Absent Friends”.

7) In this same song, for Steve Hackett, it was Colin Blunstone to take the microphone in the album “Genesis Revisited”, in the United States titled “Watcher of the Skies: Genesis Revisited”.

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