Seven Stones: Genesis & Co. The Ordeal - GUESS THE LINK between these seven songs

By Filippo Collini

Seven degrees of unity between Genesis & Co.

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Guess the link between these seven songs:

Check if you got it right:


1) First song of Steve Hackett's debut solo studio album "Voyage of the Acolyte", released in October 1975.

2) First song of Peter Gabriel's debut solo studio album "Peter Gabriel 1 / Car", released on 25 February 1977.

3) First song of Anthony Phillips' debut only studio album "The Geese & the Ghost", released in March 1977.

4) First song of Tony Banks' debut solo studio album "A Curious Feeling", released on 8 October 1979.

5) First song of Mike Rutherford's debut solo studio album "Smallcreep's Day", released on February 15, 1980.

6) First song of Phil Collins'debut only studio album "Face Value", released on February 13, 1981.

7) First song of Ray Wilson's debut solo studio album "Millionairhead" (with Cut_), released in 1999.

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