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40 years ago, the tenth Genesis album was released on March 24, 1980: Duke. The memories of Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford, the official videos, the live versions, the press review.

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«The material that abwe are prepared for Duke it's really powerful, " recalls Phil Collins in No, I'm not dead yet: Autobiography.

«I am learning a lot as a composer. (...) However, in addition to bringing Misunderstanding and Please Don't Ask, the my role in Genesis is like before. (...)
Mike has a slow guitar riff in a tempovertente, thirteen rounds, and I suggest speeding it up. Become Turn It On Again. I use the CR-78 Su Duchess, the first time we use the electronic drum kit in study. (...)

At some point Behind the Lines, Duchess, Guide Vocal, Turn It On Again, Duke's Travels e Duke's End they are weakly united as a single piece of thirty minutes around a character named Albert. It is the figure on the cover of the album, of the illustrator French Lionel Koechlin. But we know that a singolo piece of that length will surely come compared to Supper's Ready, so we choose cambiare direction. We have entered a new decade and perhaps the suites that occupy the whole side of an album they will no longer be accepted so easily. Bisogna clean up.

Duke is the group's commercial success, I knowespecially in Germany. (...)
It will also sell huge amounts in Britain, but receives a terrible review on the «Melody Maker», and on a couple of occasions I am elected "Cretino della
week "in the music press. Why? There is the old saying that the weeklies muSicali like "Melody Maker", "NME" and "Sounds" are automatically wary of everything what becomes very famous: the perception is that the quality was lowered so it could pleasing the masses. And then, the "prog" is becoming quickly a genre hated by the newspapers I adoptrano indie, post-punk and new wave. As a frontman of the Genesis, they are an easy target for this rage. " From: Phil Collins, No, I'm not dead yet: Autobiography.

«Duke it was an album by ups and downs» recalls Mike Rutherford in The Living Years, «the "bass" it's Man Of Our Times, that was my attempt to be a little Gary Numan. I had a guitar synthesizer for the first time, which allowed me to write songs with parts of strings. I was not a big one synth fans, but once again, I thought it was important to experiment. With
hindsight it is a song that is better to forget (...).

L '' high ' is Turn It On Again, which came out from a riff I had left over from Smallcreep's Day and that I always thought was 4/4 until Phil said which was a 13/8. (...)

Duke it was a bit of a renaissance for us as a band, even though each of us had brought a few songs written separately in the studio, the strongest are those that we had written in a group. (Songs written in groups have always been my favorites in each albums, simply because they have the touch of each of us). From: Mike Rutherford, The Living Years.

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The print: Dukeor the perfect pop can be a 25 minute suite. History of the album that changed Genesis - READ (in Italian)


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