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In a series of videos Steve Hackett talks about the songs of Genesis and those of his solo albums, favored by fans.

«Here is my latest fan beans Genesis track chat - this time on The Musical Box. Stay safe and enjoy! " Steve Hackett from Twitter:

«Here is my latest fan beans Genesis chat track video, this time on Ripples. " Steve Hackett on Facebook:

"Here is my latest Genesis song fan fave track-chat, this time on Supper's Ready»Steve Hackett from Twitter:

«Here's my latest chat-track video on your favorite Genesis songs. This time it's The Cinema Show ... Enjoy! Stay safe everyone ... Warmest wishes to all. " Steve Hackett from Facebook.

"Thank you everyone for your feedback on favorite solo and Genesis tracks. I've been through hundreds of responses! Initially, I'm doing a series on your top ten Genesis tracks. This is the first one, chat-track on Firth of Fifth. I hope you enjoy! Stay safe, and warmest wishes to all. " Steve Hackett from Facebook.

Shadow of the Hierophant:

Please don't touch:

Camino Royale:

Nomads off Out of the Tunnels's Mouth:

Shadow and Flame:

Those Golden Wings:

The Hungry Years:

Steve also told the Genesis Selling England By The Pound album online from his home.

The interview is part of the Classic Albums At Home Sunday program, events that have arisen since the blockade in the UK.

You can see the chat with Steve below:

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