Peter Gabriel publishes “Live In Verona” on Vimeo and asks for help for Italy - VIDEO

The great concerts of the past can help, pending the return of the live after the quarantine of the Covid-19 and The Last Domino? Tours

By Old King Cole

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Peter Gabriel writes on the site PeterGabriel. com:

«I have loved Italy for almost 50 years: people, culture, food, history and more recently Sardinia.

Italy gave us work when there was none. Particularly during the summers of the 70s, when he always managed to find something to play. The best and most chaotic tours were those in which the whole country was driven by car to make a mixture of fantastic concerts, from coastal discos to mountain soccer fields.

Both the Genesis music and mine found a wonderful and passionate audience that sang our pieces during the concerts. When we had to record a live album, I always asked first if it was possible to do it in Italy.

I speak little Italian, not very well, but enough to make me feel at home. As a family, we were deeply shaken by the daily newsletters of so many missing people and so much suffering brought on by this brutal virus.

Ten years ago, I asked my daughter Anna to film the concert we wanted to bring with an orchestra to the Arena di Verona, a unique environment where we could perform. Despite a severe cold prevented me from reaching the notes as I would have liked, Anna, together with her collaborator Andrew Gaston and their team, did an excellent job and captured a very special evening.

Anna's filming was not seen by a large enough audience. Now that many of us are in solitary confinement at home, we would like to spread them on Real World's Vimeo channel for those interested, with my only request that you consider making a donation to one of these organizations that fight the virus:

Civil protection

If you prefer, donate to associations or entities operating in your area.

We have in our hearts all our friends, fans and all those who have been affected in one way or another by the virus, in Italy and in the world. We are also concerned that in the UK we are following you a short distance away. We look forward to meeting you all again as soon as this evil genius has returned to the lamp.

Have a good vision and "everything will be fine". »

- PG


On September 26, 2010 Peter Gabriel performed at the Arena Di Verona during the New Blood Tour, after the release of the album 'Scratch My Back'.

La performance was filmed by Anna Gabriel and the material she shot is the basis of two films: 'Scratch My Back' and 'Taking The Pulse - Live in Verona'.

Peter was joined by the orchestrator and musical director John Metcalfe, the conductor Ben Foster, the soloist Louisa Fuller and the pianist Tom Cawley, together with the singers Melanie Gabriel and Ana Brun and the New Blood Orchestra.

Anna Gabriel declares, on the website:

«When I spoke to my father about the filming of one of his shows, I took the opportunity to shoot at the Roman amphitheater in Verona. Italians have always been a very enthusiastic audience and they give a lot to the artist and the camera. I made this film with my friend Andrew Gaston, who was my real collaborator throughout the process. It is always fun for me to film my father, because I know the material and its performances so well that I feel I can capture a side of him that seems more personal to me. I also wanted to film the orchestra in an exciting way and, together with Andrew's editing, I think we really captured the energy of the whole performance. I can't wait to share this movie. "

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