Peter Gabriel & Witness: here's how to avoid cases like that of George Floyd

Peter Gabriel condemned the 'Racist Murder' by George Floyd on his SOCIAL MEDIA. Here are his words. But already in 1992 he had foreseen how to report similar cases.

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Peter co-founded WITNESS in 1992. A year earlier, a passerby, George Holliday, had recorded the brutal beating of Rodney King by the Los Angeles police. For the first time, people all over the world have seen the power of video to expose hidden abuses and catalyze social movements.

This event kicked off a global debate on the issue of responsibility. In response, Peter with the Human Rights First Committee of Attorneys and the Reebok Foundation for Human Rights, founded WITNESS with the hope that video technology could be used as a tool for advancing human rights.

WITNESS listens carefully to the first line defenders to understand their needs, creating a guide, tools and solutions that have been shared with millions of people around the world who face similar threats and challenges.

It helps individuals tell their stories and ensures that strong powers are more respectful of human rights.

WITNESS also ensures that the truth is not compromised, that the right voices are heard and that those who misbehave are held accountable for the crimes they commit and that video and technology are transformative tools to create a just world.

«In this age when the mass media are increasingly in the hands of a few, we must have strong, vital, independent voices, if we want to listen to all the stories or seek justice. We have an incredible opportunity to change lives. "

- Peter Gabriel.

Gabriel's original idea for WITNESS was that the power of visual imagery and storytelling could open the world's eyes to human rights abuses and force people to act for lasting change.

Since 1993 WITNESS has had a long standing relationship with Harry Pearce at the Pentagram design studio, which has renewed the visual identity of WITNESS in 2019 based on the philosophy of "making the truth visible". The new identity was designed to encourage collaboration and participation.

«The simplicity of Peter's idea of ​​'Little brother turning the cameras back on big brother' as one of the founding thoughts of WITNESS has deeply impressed me», says Pearce. «I was hoping that my graphic work could help connect people with their films around the world».

On 11 May 2017 WITNESS celebrated its 25th anniversary. Watch Peter's video speech at the WITNESS 25th Anniversary Gala held at The Edison Ballroom in New York.

«What has been done is extraordinary work»says Peter. "Thank you very much." A brilliant anniversary and the next 25 years. "

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