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The singles and videos extracted and all the information on the new album "The Weight Of Man" by Ray Wilson.

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On September 23, "The Last Laugh" was released, the new video from the album:

"Amelia", the sixth single, was released on September 2nd. Here is the video:

"I, Like You" was released on August 17th, fifth single. Watch the video:

Buy it here in Mp3:

"Almost Famous" is the fourth single, released on July 16, 2021. Buy it here in Mp3:

And here's the video:

"We Knew The Truth Once" is the third single, released on February 7, 2021. Watch the video:

"You Could Have Been Someone" is the second single from the album, released on December 4, 2020. Buy it here in Mp3:

This is the video:

"Mother Earth" is the first single from the album, released on October 9th. Buy it here in Mp3:

This is the video:

On September 15, Ray published the following post:

Strings being recorded on 2 new songs tomorrow, by these very talented ladies 🙂

Published by Ray Wilson su Tuesday September 15 2020

This was the first news about the registration steps:

In the video Nir Z (drummer of Callling All Stations Album & Tour) is recording for Ray's album.

To finance the project, a Crowdfunding.

By paying now, you can support the registration process.

In addition, you will receive a preview copy of the CD, personally signed by Ray.

Ray is back on tour. See here all the rescheduled dates:

The other news on Ray Wilson:

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