Seven Stones, seven milestones of Genesis & Co .: "Take to sea"

Seven milestones for a free musical journey through Genesis & Co.

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Guess the link THIS TIME VERY EASY among these seven songs (the solution is after the songs). Don't you want to guess? Then LISTEN TO THE PODCAST (in Italian) - CLICK HERE.

Check if you guessed it:

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1) Genesis "Home by the Sea" (1983). The lyrics of the song are actually not very summery and related to the sea: it is about a thief, who breaks into a house only to discover that it is haunted. The thief is captured by the ghosts, which force him to listen to their stories for the rest of his life.

2) Peter Gabriel "Red Rain" (1986). Also in this case the sea is rather disturbing. The text was in fact inspired by a recurring dream in which Gabriel was swimming in a sea of ​​red water. Gabriel explained to "Mojo" magazine in September 2013: "Red Rain" was written after a dream I had had in which the sea was divided by two walls. There were these glass figures, which screwed into each wall, filled with red blood and then lowered onto the sand, where they dumped the blood. I had these extremely vivid dreams, which scared the hell out of me. "

3) Mike + The Mechanics "Beggar on a Beach of Gold" (1995). The beach is a metaphor, also underlined by the cover, in which Mike is sitting barefoot on an expanse of gold coins. As if to say that it is about appreciating what we have here and now and not looking for what we cannot achieve anyway. Appreciate what we have, even the little things.

4) Phil Collins "Too Many Fish in the Sea" (2010). It is a hit song from 1964 recorded by the Motown singing group The Marvelettes. It was the group's first hit, in the top 40 for nearly a year, reaching number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was one of the first hit singles written by Norman Whitfield and Eddie Holland. It was also the first single produced by Whitfield. In 2010 Phil Collins included her in "Going Back", his eighth solo studio album, with covers of 60s Motown and soul standards. "Too Many Fish in the Sea", was given as a preview tribute to new users registered on Phil's renewed website. Then he was part of the bonus tracks of the DVD and of "The Essential Going Back", a reissue released on 10 June 2016. Here too the fish in the title are a metaphor.

5) Ray Wilson "Song for a Friend" (2016). In the song Ray lets himself go to memories: "If you look over there, that's where I was born". The song is based on simple flashes of memories about his mother: "She was just the best mom in the world", which is compared to the fresh and clear sea air.

6) Steve Hackett "Loving Sea" (2015). Steve explained it in this video, posted on July 26, 2020:

7) Anthony Phillips "The Sea and the Armadillo" (1984). It is part of the album "Private Parts and Pieces IV: A Catch at the Tables", Ant's ninth studio work and the fourth installment of his "Private Parts & Pieces" series. The piece is instrumental. In the album, between sea and lake ("Down Over The Lake"), water is very present, even on the cover:

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