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On September 6, 7 and 8, 1982, Genesis return to concert in Italy after 7 years of absence. Here is the story of those days. 

From www.genesis-movement.org

Listen to the podcast (in Italian):

For many Italian boys - like me, who are from 1963 - it is the first live of the Genesis, which they had not been in concert since March 25, 1975. Then there was still Peter Gabriel, he was the The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Tour and that of the Ruffini Park in Turin, would have been their last concert, for many years, due to the clashes with the police. The Italian tour was in fact canceled after the accidents and scuffles in other live shows, which are about to condemn our country to a quarantine without foreign artists that lasted for years. In fact it remains one of the last of that period. WATCH AND LISTEN TO THE SPECIAL OF HORIZONS RADIO ON THE 1975 TURIN CONCERT.

There is therefore great anticipation especially for the old songs, from Supper's Ready a The Lamb, while the interest in more recent albums is significantly lower, especially Abacab.

Collector's Corner: GENESIS original poster in concert Tirrenia 1982.

The first date is in Tirrenia (Pisa), at the National Unity Day. Here is a long RAI report, which has not escaped the importance of this event for many Genesis fans.

LOOK AT THE PICTURES and here is the audio recording of the concert:

It is a magical summer, that of 1982. We in 63 took the high school exam, studying in the moments left free by the unforgettable World Cup of Spain, won by Italy. Then we enjoyed the well-deserved rest. These first days of September, with the Genesis a few kilometers away, are yet another wonderful piece of that period.

And Phil Collins knows it. He knows that we have been waiting for many years and he knows that we are the world champions. And he plays with us, makes us scream and laugh, knows that he can make fun of us and joke with us, that we are "hungry" for them.

From www.genesis-movement.org

In fact, in the second stage, two dates: on 7 and 8 at the Palaeur in Rome, his presentation is enthralling. Listen to it at 16.00 of the audio recording of the concert:

Of course, I have not listened to Genesis since I was 14 years old. Those of Nursery cryme, the first I found out about them or about Foxtrot, the first one I bought. They are not even those of The Lamb, which surprised me at the first listening and which I re-evaluated later in the years, a cornerstone of the history of prog and not only or of To Trick e wind, those without Peter, but still excellent, up to the live masterpiece Seconds Out

Now Steve is gone, too, and the latest albums are not in the least up to those of the golden years, but the Genesis are before us, in flesh and blood (LOOK AT THE PHOTOS OF ROME), still capable of making us dream with Supper's Ready, I Know What I Like, long medley evocative of the best times, like The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway + Watcher Of The Skies o  In The Cage The Cinema Show + + + The Colony Of Slippermen Afterglow.

Supper's ReadyPrecisely, still in the Genesis lineup, but now and then and with the concerts counted. Phil presents her remembering her birthday, because she is 10 years old in these days. Indeed, it seems that the whole tour take inspiration from this anniversary, in addition to advertising the third live album Three sides live. For those who are there with one, or rather two stone guests, Peter and Steve, and for those who evoke the ex-singer in the choirs, it is an apotheosis. I loved it in Foxtrot, but I also liked the version of Seconds Out. And I must say that this does not disappoint at all, also because Daryl Steurmer is now on his fourth tour with Genesis, the second in which suite is present (missing in the Duke and in 'Abacab Tour).

The two absentees, in fact: Gabriel and Hackett. We certainly didn't miss Peter two years before, I loved him on September 28, 1980 at the Parco delle Cascine, in Florence, (the next day in Genoa and the 30 in Turin, see video above). Gabriel was among the first to arrive in Italy after the "reopening of the borders".

And then we appreciated Steve less than two months later, six Italian dates, I saw him on November 26 at the Palaeur in Rome. The other three were therefore missing to ideally reform the base quintet, those who for some are the real and unique Genesis (including many of those who are in Tirrenia and Rome and who make it understood in many ways, even if not very civil, at times).

That's why the atmosphere is very hot. Impossible to stay seated, we all crowd towards the stage and Phil begs us to back off, there are those who embrace and those who push themselves (a mini-brawl develops right in my sector of parterre). But in the end we are all sweaty, voiceless and happy, even those who have not liked certain songs, because "our" Genesis have been able to mix old and new expertly.

And we all think, we think: see you next time.

by DB

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