Genesis, 45 years ago the first show of the Wind & Wuthering Tour at the Rainbow Theater, January 1, 1977

On January 1, 1977, after the release of Wind & Wuthering, eighth studio album, Genesis begin the tour from the Rainbow Theater in London.

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January 1, 1977, historic concert for Genesis, with Live at the Rainbow Theater in London, in Finsbury Park, on the day of reopening after 3 years. Chester Thompson's debut on drums.

Three consecutive dates, effectively the start of a new six-month tour, with the album Wind & Wuthering fresh fresh out.

There is a significant variation in training. Bill Bruford, who had faced the Trick Tour, replaced by Chester Thompson, which, as we know, will remain loyal to Genesis & Co. to this day.

Chester had very little time to learn Genesis songs, as he arrived from the USA in mid-December.

Tickets and the tour program unofficial:

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Here is the complete audio recording of the New Year's date. A lineup that will remain unique, inaugurated by Eleventh Earl of Mar and with a medley between Lilywhite Lilith, The Waiting Room and Wot Gorilla, never repeated. Just before starting the three songs, an instrument stops working and, as someone starts fumbling with it, Phil is heard joking about it and says: "Of course for 3000 pounds, that's what could have worked!" 

0:00 Eleventh Earl of Mar (first performance)

8:38 Carpet Crawlers

14:51 Firth of Fifth

24:30 Your Own Special Way (first performance)

31:51 Robbery, Assault and Battery

38:54 ... In That Quiet Earth (first performance)

43:20 Afterglow (first performance)

48:35 Lilywhite Lilith (only known performance during this era)

51:04 The Waiting Room (intro) (only known performance during this era)

51:39 Wot Gorilla? (only known performance)

54:33 One for the Vine (first performance)

1:04:34 Squonk

1:11:49 All in a Mouse's Night (first performance)

1:20:37 Supper's Ready

1:43:53 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

1:51:25 Dance on a Volcano

1:54:10 Los Endos

From the second date the lineup changes and a transformation begins that will remain so throughout the English tour. Here is the audio recording of January 3:

00:00 - Eleventh Earl Of Mar;
08:31 - The Carpet Crawlers;
14:48 - Robbery, Assault & Battery;
21:16 - Your Own Special Way;
27:28 - Squonk;
34:48 - One For The Vine;
45:41 - Firth Of Fifth;
55:17 - All In A Mouse's Night;
01:03:17 - Supper's Ready;
01:27:42 - I Know What I Like;
01:35:21 - Dance On A Volcano;
01:39:43 - Los Endos;
01:45:31 - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / The Musical Box.

And here's an audio frominterview released on Christmas Eve, in London, a few days before the start of the tour.

La scenography of the concert and tour is the very famous one on the cover of Seconds Out.

A wall of lights, lasers, projectors, columns of amplifiers, to support a band that no longer has a charismatic leader like Peter Gabriel and focuses on musical and visual quality.

And speaking of Peter Gabriel. It is present at the inaugural evening of the Rainbow. And, like the critics, who welcome the three shows at the beginning of the year with good but cold reviews, he has no words of praise for the first performance of 1977. "At the Raimbow I was a little disappointed - Peter tells Melody Maker, reported in Genesis. The river of constant change di Mario Giammetti -".

The Genesis are not satisfied either, the amalgam with the new drummer is insufficient and will consolidate in the following weeks, but the Rainbow opportunity is tempting and cannot be missed. They will improve, in fact, during the tour, until the month of June, when at the Palazzo dello Sport in Paris they will record the shows that will become part of the magnificent live album Seconds Out.

But that's another, next story.














Here is the bootleg, recorded the next day:

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I Genesis on Wind & Wuthering:

Wind & Wuthering live:

Let's listen to it together on the Horizons Radio program:

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