Foxtrot 50: October 6, 1972-2022, some great reasons to love this album - AUDIO, VIDEO & MEMORIES

October 6, 1972, he leaves Foxtrot, 4th Genesis album, 2nd with Phil Collins and Steve Hackett, 1st in Italy, 14th in the top 50 ranking Prog Rock Albums of all times Rolling Stone

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Foxtrot, Genesis

Here some good reasons to love this album.

  • Foxtrot it's a very "italian" album. In fact the text of Watcher Of The Skies it was written in Naples, on the roof of the Domiziana hotel, which hosts the band for the double concert that closes the first part of Nursery cryme Tour by Genesis in Italy on April 19, 1972. Mike and Tony write the lyrics inspired by the sci-fi panorama they enjoy from their particular vantage point. READ HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.
  • Reggio Emilia, April 12, 1972: could be defined as date e birthplace of Watcher Of The Skies. Because, according to the memories of Hackett and Rutherford, it was in the Emilian city that practically all of it was performed during the pre-concert rehearsals.  READ HERE TO FIND OUT MORE. And the unforgettable and very long intro di Watcher it is the first of my "Delmale Flowers".

  • Foxtrot he finished first in the Italian ranking, twelfth in the English one, forty-fifth in Germany. He immediately kidnapped the hearts of the Italians. 
  • And again about Italy, the first country to discover their talent. During the Foxtrot tours Genesis have been headliners al Charisma Festival, supported by Lindisfarne, Peter Hammill and Capability Brown. For the first time, accustomed to concerts in schools and small clubs in their country, they played in front of 10.000 people in Reggio Emilia (much more than the organizers expected) and even 18.000 at the Palasport in RomeREAD HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

  • With Foxtrot and in particular with Get'em Out By Friday, the Genesis kicked off theirs busy texts. With sarcasm and irony, Peter Gabriel, author of the text, deals with a dramatic subject such as building speculation, expropriations and evictions. A deeply felt theme in the 70s in England and beyond. There are still hints of science fiction, as in previous or contemporary songs (The Return... or Watcher...) but here Peter starts to turn towards the social issues of Selling England By The Pound e The Lamb... READ HERE TO FIND OUT MORE. A cornerstone of the album, another "Delmale flower".

  • Foxtrot is the most loved overall by all Genesis members. "For me it is really an exciting album - says Tony Banks ad Armando Gallo in Genesis: I Know What I Like - with great sonic contrasts. An interesting album to do and listen to. We had left as live performers, but during the Nursery Cryme Tour we also put ourselves to the test as arrangers. "In the same book, Phil Collins remembers that this was a curious period, in search of the right combination of sounds; Mike and Steve agree that Foxtrot was the beginning of the discovery of the right sounds of the band. For me Can-Utility and the Coastliners it's an almost hidden gem on the record, but a small masterpiece that Steve Hackett, who composed the text, is rightly proud of.

  • E there is a reason why Horizons Radio is called this way. It's the visceral love for this beautiful album.

  • And then Supper's Ready. One of the symbolic tracks of the whole prog past and present, the undisputed masterpiece for many magazine of the time - first of all AllMusic -, enraptured by the Genesis suite, still of great modernity. Live this 23-minute piece came to life thanks to Peter Gabriel's costumes and masks: the flower, also a symbol of this section, the polyhedron of Magog, the crown of thorns, the white dress and the fluorescent sword of the finale. READ HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

  • With Foxtrot the Genesis land for the first time in the United States. A not immediately exciting arrival overseas. The debut is in a Christmas concert, full of problems, at the Philharmonic Hall in New York on December 13, 1972, preceded by a live for a few students at Brandeis University in Boston two days earlier. An experience that is repeated to early March, with some dates in the USA and Canada, this time with more success.  READ HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

  • But even if not triumphant, the landing in the USA will be a excellent tow for Genesis in Europe and in particular at home. The press and the media begin to deal with them more intensely and their "guests" are multiplying. The climax will be in London, on February 9, 1973, when Genesis will be protagonists in the Mecca of the rock scene: the Rainbow Theater, the first true triumph in England. 
  • For the occasion Peter Gabriel wears a full trunk in the dressing room and wears his famous costumes and masks for the first time on stage On the notes of mellotron di Watcher Of The Skies, Peter comes out unexpectedly for the audience and bandmates with the black suit and bat wings on his head. Here's the effect it did (in a video from the following tour, October 1973 Live Shepperton Studios):

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Foxtrot: Genesis remember him like this:

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