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Horizons Radio is a Genesian heritage and therefore open to external contributions and collaborations.

In addition to the obvious knowledge of Genesis & Co., it is necessary to demonstrate adequate writing skills, as well as respect our editorial line. For audio texts, they are welcome beautiful voice and good diction.

Anyone who feels able to make contributions can write to our address e-mail, attaching an article, written or audio (.mp3 / youtube), together with a short presentation profile.

They will not be taken into consideration texts that do not meet the above requirements.

The length of the texts is absolutely not established, a certain summary is recommended, however, if the topic requires it, details and insights are welcome. To understand the typology of writing and pagination (whose pre-setting is appreciated), it is advisable to refer to the texts published in the last few months. The same goes for audio contributions.

Collaborations with Horizons Radio are a free title e do not allow to mature the number of articles needed to obtain the publicist badge.

The texts sent to Horizons Radio for publication are considered to be owned by both the author and HR, and it will no longer be possible to request its removal. In order to publish them elsewhere, however, is not express authorization from HR is required, as we hope for free circulation of news and ideas Genesis & Co.

For writings that request it, the author automatically commits himself to the relative periodic updating. Otherwise, it will be edited by the editorial staff (with variation of the credits).

What are you waiting for? Send us one e-mail and start collaborating !!!

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