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Philip David Charles Collins (January 30, 1951)


The first song composed, with the group The Freehold: Lying Crying Dying, recorded in 1968 at London's Regent Sounds:

Le first pictures of Phil on drums (but also on the voice and on the Hammond organ):

May 14, 1970, the Dutch TROS TV airs a mini concert by a young English band called Flaming Youth:

First concert with Genesis: on August 6, 1970 at Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster in England. Phil's first audio on drums with Genesis live: at Ferme IV, Wolowé St. Lambert, Brussels, Belgium on March 7 '71 during the Trespass Tour:

The first song sung by Phil in Genesis: For Absents Friends da Nursery cryme:

Phil Collins's drums, Special of Horizons Radio "The Delmale Flowers":

  1. The Delmale Flowers - Phil Collins' Battery
    Eugenio Delmale


First collaboration with a Genesis member in Voyage of the Acolyte by Steve Hackett: Star Of Sirius:

Phil Collins' first recording with i Brand XDead Pretty, from the Tour of the first album Unorthodox Behavior - Live at the Nashville Rooms, February 20 1976:

First recording of a Genesis Live with Phil Collins solo voice at the Kitchener Auditorium, Ontario Canada, during theA Trick Of The Tail Tour on March 27, 1976:

First solo record: Face Value, February 9, 1981. Horizons Radio special.

1984, first place in the ranking in the United States, first Grammy Award and first nomination for best song for the Oscars: Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)song that gives the title to the film's soundtrack Two lives at stake (Against All Odds).

First film as a leading actor in Buster, 1988. His new version of A Groovy Kind of Love, which becomes his single single capable of reaching the first place both in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

This Is Your Life, BBC biographical documentary aired on October 26, 1988:

First and only Oscar winner, with You'll Be in My Heart, from the movie Tarzan 1999, piece recorded by Phil himself in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish:

First autobiography, No, I'm not dead yet - BUY IT ON AMAZON, released in 2016.

"You'll Be In My Heart" from Tarzan wins the Oscar for Original Song at the 72nd Academy Awards (2000):

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