Gig of 10/4 – Peter Gabriel al Roxy, L.A. USA

10-04-2017 Tutto il giorno

Ecco i live di Genesis & Co. il 10 aprile:

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1970 Eel Pie Island, London England

Show memories:
John Mayhew recalls...There was one that was recorded on an island in the Thames called Eel Pie Island. I remember being filmed at that particular gig but I didn’t know what happened to the film until I was in Italy. A guy called Mino Profumo – he is with the Italian fanclub – said that there is someone in London who has a copy of the film and they want US$ 10,000 for it...’s in the hand of some people the Genesis management, Hit’n’Run, are unwilling to deal with, apparently. This is what I’m told by the guys in Italy, the fanclub in Italy. Nino Profumo thinks that this reel of film is … David Bowie was on the same gig, and some people I cannot remember, but some names, anyway. It’s in the hands of someone… let’s call them crooks. That’s why the Genesis management won’t deal with them. They want the film. This guy wants US$ 10,000 for the film. But it should be retrieved as soon as possible before someone throws it in the bin. It’s a piece of Genesis history.

[From an interview with John Mayhew at the 2006 Evolution of Genesis event (] [RJM]

1974 Spectrum, Philadelphia PA USA

1975 Martinihal-Centrum, Groningen The Netherlands - ASCOLTA:

1976 Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA USA

1978 Kiel Opera House, St Louis MO USA

1980 Gaumont Theatre, Southampton England


1977 - Peter Gabriel - The Roxy, West Hollywood CA USA - ASCOLTA:

2017 - Steve Hackett - Tempodrom, Berlin Germany


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