Reggio Emilia, Palasport, April 12, 1972

The date of Reggio Emilia on April 12th, is officially considered the  birthplace of Watcher Of The Skies.

According to the memories of Hackett and Rutherford, in fact, it was in the Emilian city that practically all of it was performed during the pre-concert rehearsals.

"In the Palasport of Reggio Emilia, a huge horrible place full of echo, in the middle of the sound check, Tony played those two initial chords on his mellotron. They worked very well even if, even today, I'm not sure how conscious he was of how good they were . " (From The Living Years by Mike Rutherford. My translation)

So we can credit Reggio as a musical home of song Foxtrot, while the text was written by Mike and Tony on the roof of their hotel in Naples a week later.

Palasport of Reggio Emilia from the Facebook page "Genesis 40th anniversary first Italian tour"

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