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Watcher of the Digital Art

By Francisca Kremer @clockwork_dvorak, via Instagram

Home By The Sea

By D.Stradlater@yossarian_yo, via Instagram: "So I've started the series of fluorescent drawings based on Genesis songs. The first one is incredible & atmospheric "Home by the Sea"


By M.Stradlater@yossarian_yo, via Instagram

Tony Banks portrait

By Colonel Claypool@wyidan, via Instagram: "I only wanted to practice (bc I haven't really drawn anything like portrait recently...) and went this far."

Peter pensieroso

By raccoonome/Jean@procyonidude, via Instagram – “I’m runnin’ out of ideas… send ’em in!”

Together, putting in the same energy, with movement and urgency.

By It’s Bob It’s Art It’s Models@bobartmodels. via Instagram: “This gouache and pencil piece is based on a Charisma records advertising poster for Genesis circa 1970/71.”

Acrylic painting of Phil Collins

By Caitlin Murphy@caitmurphyart via Instagram

Mike a matita

By Fabio Bottalico@fbottalico da Instagram

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel – VIDEO

Interpreted by Martin Levac

PETER GABRIEL Carboncillo (70X100)

By Vanesa Yuste@uve_yuste

Steve Hackett in a wood painting

By adhieprog@masadhieprogger

Drawing Mike

By Michael Griffin@literateartist da Instagram. “Another drawing of members of my favorite bands. Here’s Mike Rutherford of #Genesis and @officialmatm”


By Colonel Claypool@wyidan da Instagram


By Andy@strangeapparatus: “I will never get the hang of drawing this guy but I adore him & I hope he’s having a nice day. Don’t mind the janky features I didn’t plan it well #stevehackett”


by The Invisible Touch@_genesis_band – “Another gem from the talented @wyidan, a Genesis (and Tony Banks) superfan living in China.”


*Music Parodies Collection Vol. 151* by Giuseppe Peps Lucano@giuseppe.lucano facebook.com/musicparodiescollection

Un agnello su Broadway

By Frank Grabowski@pinsel113 Fanart-Friday FRANK GRABOWSKI “The Lamb lies down on Broadway” from GENESIS The Lamb lies down on Broadway da Instagram

Tony in watercolor

By @progdustbin da Instagram

A Flower?

By Narcyz (they/them)@narcissical, da Instagram

Tony Banks

By Colonel Claypool@wyidan, da Instagram – “I have no idea what I should do next or basically I’m too lazy to continue my AUs and sagas. Instead, I did this.”

Firth Of Fifth – VIDEO

Firth Of Fifth - VIDEO By Mathilde@pacholsnow, da Instagram - "The solo from the famous Genesis' song Firth of Fifth ! Flute can be rock."

Steve Hackett

By Frank Grabowski, su Instagram – Art-Zeitgeist.de Mindelheim, Steve Hackett painted using PicsArt drawing tool.


By Raven Mind@ravensmindfree, da Instagram “Don’t let him steal your heart away. ?❤️✒️”

Peter Gabriel in medium gray

By Flohic (France), da Stars-portraits.com


By Taylor Rae Hillestad@taylorrae_art, da Instagram. Il Commento: “Throwback. Process of my first exaggerated color portrait. Peter Gabriel! Later in his career, he did more world music and work with Africa. So I was inspired by tribal art for his portrait. Contact me for prints of any of my work!”

Watcher of the Skies

By MattoMattia @mattomatita, da Instagram. Ha accompagnato il disegno con le seguenti parole: “Tristemente ora i vostri pensieri si rivolgono alle stelle Sapete che non potrete mai arrivare dove siamo giunti noi Guardiano dei cieli, guardiano del tutto Questo è il tuo destino solitario, questa è la tua sorte” PETER GABRIEL (Foxtrot-Watcher of the Skies, 1972)

Solsbury Hill

By PositiveVibes ☮@dvk.butterfly, da Instagram

In The Air Tonight… in the Classroom – VIDEO

bY Katie Brewer@katie_brewski, da Instagram. "When you're learning about adverts in class"

Bilancio del 2016 per Frank Grabowski

Frank Grabowski@pinsel113 da Instagram. Art-Zeitgeist.de Mindelheim. What a amazing year 2016 for us, we say thank you to all friends who have supported us and wish all a happy new year with peace on earth for 2017. Our motto “Earth without ART is Eh” ??? Warmest wishes to all Angelika & Frank. Tanks and Happy New Year from Horizons Radio

Cruise to the Edge 2017

By Shelby@sheshechan da Instagram

Steve Hackett

ByLyndsay Radnedge@el_radical_photos da Instagram

Peter Gabriel

By Juan Ignacio Fichetti@nacofichetti da Instagram. Trabajo expuesto con el grupo de artistas de la patagonia norte en Amigos de lo Nuestro (Rivadavia 148-Viedma)

Piccoli Watcher of the Skies crescono

Meglio abituarli subito. Da www.musicalbrick.com

Peter Gabriel, Scratch

By Peter DiMeo@pdimeoillustration da Instagram

Genesis, Seconds Out

By Vital Visions: Art by Kelly da Instagram

In the Kitchen Tonight – VIDEO

In the Kitchen Tonight - VIDEO By Jess Robert Lovell@rob_711 da Instagram

The Carpet Crawlers – VIDEO

The Carpet Crawlers - VIDEO By Ethan Edwards@theoppositeprogguy su Instagram

Dipinto di gruppo

By Colonel Claypool@wyidan da Instagram

I Genesis e le donne…

Piera Torchio@piera_torchio da Instagram

L’Arte di Frank Grabowski

Limited edition: 20 copie con certificato. Informazioni

Watcher of the Tattoo

By black hart tattoo@blackharttattoo da Instagram

Serge Gainsbourg amava i Genesis

Dalla pagina Facebook ufficiale di The Musical Box

Disegnando Phil Collins – VIDEO

Disegnando Phil Collins - VIDEO L'arte di Paola Lomuscio, video da Facebook

Peter double face

Dalila Mangano@dalilamangano da Instagram

Watcher of the Skies

By かまた@darksideofthetenor da Instagram

A talented musician – VIDEO

A talented musician - VIDEO Video By Paul Nguyen Huu@fixed_gear_famous

Genesis Cinema Show Mashups

Watcher Of The Skies by www.musicalbrick.com

Pictures in the rear view mirror

By Art & ProgressiveRock Fanpage @proggy69 Da Instagram


“Can-Utility And The Coastliners”, da Instagram

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