Harlequin Weekly: Caricatures of Genesis, Seconds Out era

Tutte le forme dell'amore nei confronti di Genesis & Co.: quadri, disegni, fotomontaggi, immagini, musica, omaggi di ogni tipo*.

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These are caricatures of the Phil Collins-fronted band, Genesis, circa 1977, the Seconds Out era. Yes, that bearded guy is Phil???They were designed by my brother and I. He designed the faces, and I designed the bodies and instruments. Quite accidentally, the combined style became reminiscent of the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls, created by Alex Hirsch. To be very honest, I didn’t see the show from start to finish until it was over. I overlooked it because it was on the Disney Channel, which I never liked. Known for its god awful sitcoms and whatnot. But Gravity Falls was a radical departure and notable exception. It’s a great cartoon that I’ve grown quite fond of. It's very funny, touching, and brilliant. Tone wise, it’s sort of like if you took early Simpsons, SpongeBob, and X-Files and threw them into a blender. Really well worth checking out. @meeksgenesiscafe @progressive_rock_fan @wecantdanceofficial @natregocomcastnet @aa17soxfan @genesisvisibletouch @_seventhmoon_ #genesisband #secondsout #mikerutherford #chesterthompson #stevehackett #tonybanks #philcollins #philcollinsinpictures #gravityfalls #alexhirsch #gravityfallsart #gravityfallsoc #gravityfallsfanart #fanart #fanarts #oc #gravityfallsfandom #gravityfallsfan #originalcharacterart #originalcharacter #myoriginalcharacters #myoriginalcharacter #originalcharacters #cartoons #animation #disneyxd #fancharacter #fancharacters

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