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Genesis Tribute Bands: Real Dream

Multimedia pages of Horizons Radio on Tribute Bands dedicated to Genesis & Co. Here i Real Dream.


Real Dream was born in February 1996 by 4 musicians with the intention of recreating the sounds and atmospheres of Genesis. In reality, the current name was found later, together with the completion of the workforce, which was increased to 6 by October of the same year.

The original line-up consisted of Eugenio Brughitta solo guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar and pedal bass, Roberto Rossi rhythmic guitar and 12 string acoustic guitar, Gianni Iannece bass, Giorgio Ganora keyboards, Emiliano Deferrari singer, Marco Rissotto drums.

In 2001, there were 5 left (6 heads are too many to play Genesis!) We finally raised our heads with an exciting concert at the Maìs of Genoa-Sturla ... after 2 years of purgatory. Since that day, with some line-up changes, we have continued to re-propose the Genesis pieces trying to keep faith with our passion and that of the fans (of Genesis! 🙂) ...  from Website

During the more than 16 years of rehearsals and concerts, many passionate followers of Genesis have followed the various instruments, a fate common to many Tribute Bands.

But Real Dreams have maintained a fundamental "historical archive", which includes all the group's formations from the origins to today and all the chronology of the concerts.

Click here to view the formations
Real Dream from the beginning
and for the chronology of the concerts


Facebook page

The band:

Paolo Tenerini:
voice, flute

Paolo Viccinelli:
bass, pedal bass, 12 strings

Alessandro La Corte:
keyboards, vocals

Andrea Orlando:

Tiziano Tacchella:
solo guitar, 12 strings

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