Horizons Radio’s fans interview Steve Hackett about new album & upcoming tour

Here are some questions from Horizons Radio’s fans to Steve Hackett about the new album and upcoming tour.


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Paul Markwick: After so many fantastic albums, how difficult is it to create new original music?

Hi Paul,
Not difficult because new creative ideas continue to flow in from conversations, journeys, people, books, music etc…

Lylywhite: I was wondering to what extent your intense travelling around the world inspires your creative work, in terms of culture, people, sounds, colours, local music and so on. Is there a country that particularly impressed you from a musical standpoint?

Hi Lylywhite,
Travel is always an inspiration. There are so many different cultures, landscapes, creative people, musical genres, histories, spiritual ideas etc… Countries which particularly inspired musical ideas include, India, Ethiopia, Peru, Greece, Iceland, Mexico, Jordan, Egypt, Australia and the States… But all countries I have visited engender new musical ideas, and people with instruments from countries I haven’t yet seen, such as Malik Mansurov with his tar from Azerbaijan.

Nick Zales: How do you choose who is in your touring band?

Hi Nick,
I listen to recommendations and check out people’s work.

Julian Ziegler: Will you ever do a full Genesis revisited set again like Loreley 2015?

Hi Julian,
It is likely that I will again down the line.

Stefano Cerioni: What was the creative moment or aspect that you loved the most with Genesis?

Hi Stefano,
Writing, recording and touring Selling England by the Pound.

Massimiliano Pasini: Do you prefer to play the electric guitar or the classical guitar? Be honest!

Hi Massimiliano,
I really can’t choose. I love them both equally!

Iacopo De Bona: How did you learn to play guitar? Was it classical or immediately electric? Did you teach yourself or did you have a teacher?

Hi Iacopo,
I taught myself the guitar, inspired by various guitarists of the time like Hank Marvin and Brian Jones.

By Eugenio Delmale

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