Genesis: 35 years ago the concerts in Rome and Milan, 17 and 19 May 1987 - SPECIAL & VIDEO

Thirty years ago the 17 May 1987 Genesis are in concert in Rome and two days later in Milan. Here is a memory of those days.

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At 17.30 on Sunday 17 May the gates of the Flaminio Stadium in Rome open. The show is scheduled for 19 pm - as seen in the ticket above - still in daylight.

Il supporter is Paul Young, which is literally targeted by all kinds of objects, highlighting the unfortunate choice of the combination. People only want to listen to Genesis.

The concert has various media coverage. Radio RAI is doing a special, with a few songs recorded in Malaga, a week before, and live from the Flaminio. Difficult to reconstruct if the Milanese show was also broadcast. Radio Centofiori, a Florentine broadcaster linked to the PCI, also dedicates a lot of space to the event. A TG1 service entitled "Rock is light" is broadcast on TV.

Unlike Milan, as we will see, there are no videos or audio recordings on YouTube - the few made, given the close surveillance on cameras and more, remain private at the moment - but here are some photos taken from Genesis The Movement - 1 e 2.

Here is the ladder, as reported by the site mentioned above:

Mom 07:13
Abachab 08:39
Phil Speaking In Italian 02:13
Dominoes 11:22
That's All 05:21
The Brazilian 05:08
Phil Speaking In Italian 01:26
In The Cage Medley 07:59
In That Quiet Earth 04:22
Afterglow 04:28
Land Of Confusion 05:09
Phil Speaking In Italian 01:32
Tonight Tonight Tonight 09:05
Throwing It All Away 06:26
Phil Speaking In Italian 02:19
Home By The Sea 11:31am
Invisible Touch 04:52
Drum Duet 05:52
Los Endos 06:08
Turn It On Again 12:45

The group starts with two well-tested and tested two new course horses that make up one powerful opening of the concert (Mamma e Abacab). Watch the video from the San Siro Live in Milan:

Among the new tracks They work well Domino e The Brazilian, even if lightened by com tracksand That's All. Watch the video from the Milan Live:

Among the classicalinstead last tour per In The Cage, which matches in medley with In That Quiet Earth and goes to flow into Afterglow. Watch the video from Live in Milan:

Unfortunately from this medley goes out forever Apocalypse in 9/8, remnant of the glorious Supper's Ready. When it is Show arrives in Italy, there is no trace of this workhorse of the live Genesis and a masterpiece beloved by fans, loudly requested in every concert. The cause: the effort it takes to the voice of Phil Collins. Here's what it looked like in the American part of tour il Cage-Quiet-Apocalypse medley. LISTEN:

And speaking of variations, here's how it was done, in the Australian part of tour, an excerpt from the list:  Your Own Special Way, with the accompaniment of the "Invisible String Section", made up of local orchestras depending on the city, as per local law. LISTEN:

Unforgettable then the drum duet by Phil and Chester Thompson (who, as is known, with Daryl Stuermer for years has accompanied in tour i Genesis), in which the two, now very close, are synchronized like two clocks. Here it is taken from the Wembley Stadium show in early July. LISTEN:

Click here or on the images and BUY THE DVD of the Wembley concert:

And, from the Milan concert, here it is the end. LISTEN:

 Other video material onInvisible Touch Tour

If you have memories, stories, materials of these two concerts and you want to share them with Horizons Radio write here.


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  1. I still have the concert ticket and I remember it all even that antonello venditti greeted everyone with a hat, memorable concert Their music is lifeblood for me 60 years old forever GENESIS

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