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On September 28, 1972, at the National Stadium in Dublin, during il Foxtrot Tour, Peter Gabriel shows up on stage wearing a fox head and a red dress for women, unbeknownst to his companions. 

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The show at the National Stadium in Dublin, on September 28th, will remain in the history of Genesis because, in the finale of The musical box, Peter Gabriel shows up on stage wearing a fox head and a red dress for his wife Jill, unbeknownst to his companions. The beginning of an era of theatricality and costumes, which gave the band a hitherto unknown visibility and popularity.  

Listen to the concert audio:

And here is the effect taken from the concert at the Bataclan in Paris on January 10, 1973:

Here is Phil Collins' comment in his autobiography "No, I'm not dead yet", Mondadori:

"Before this there had been no indication that Peter wanted to start dressing up. How, later, he won't warn us of the flower mask he will wear for the part of Willow Farm in Supper's Ready, and not even for the triangular box that you put on your head for the next part, Apocalypse in 9/8. We also see them at the same time as the public sees them. He does not want to know how to decide in a group in these cases. (...) These are the very unconventional things that Peter Gabriel is now doing on stage with Genesis. After Dublin, Ms. Volpe reappears at every concert, always in the same spot. We get used to it early, and it's better for us: a photo of Peter in the new costume ends up straight on the cover of the «Melody Maker», and adds a zero to the Genesis engagement rate. We go from thirty-five pounds to three hundred and fifty pounds a night. "

Mike Rutherford tells in his autobiography The Living Years, Arcana:

"We had been kept completely in the dark about Pete's intentions; he knew, moreover, that if he had anticipated something we would have tried to stop him."

Remember Tony Banks in Without Borders. Life and music of Peter Gabriel di Daryl Easlea, Arcana:

"Others did something with the costumes, but we used all the space on the stage. When you went to a Genesis show you saw the veiled curtains, and then the artificial smoke, which yes now is a cliché but then it was not at all. bat wings and painted eyes. You could hear the sound of the Mellotron, practically the first stereo effect. There were no other gigs of that level in the world. The first ten minutes were incredibly powerful. I think we were among the first bands. to grasp the beauty of the fusion of music and visual effects. Partly it happened by chance and luck, partly because Peter's ability in that sense was truly unique. "

In fact, the February 9 1973, at the Rainbow Theater in London, Peter Gabriel wears a full trunk in the dressing room and wears his famous costumes and masks on stageOn the notes of mellotron di Watcher Of The Skies, Peter comes out for the first time in a black suit and bat wings on his head.  

Here's the effect (in a video from the following tour, October 1973 Live Shepperton Studios):

And then again, new twists throughout the concert. Images that will mark, for better or for worse, the band forever.


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