Phil Collins torna sul palco dopo la caduta – VIDEO

Ecco i video, tratti dai social, del ritorno sul palco a Colonia dopo la caduta di Phil Collins durante il tour.

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Il primo video  è postato da Frank Rosin@FrankRosin1 con l'entrata in scena di Phil e la standing ovation:

by Frank Rosin@FrankRosin1 da Twitter (tutti i diritti sono suoi, lo pubblichiamo come diritto di cronaca)

Altri video da Instagram e Twitter (li pubblichiamo per diritto di cronaca):



Ed ecco tutti i video girati e postati finora dal pubblico su YouTube nella Playlist di Horizons Radio:

La set list:

Against All Odds

Another Day In Paradise

One More Night

Wake Up Call

Follow You Follow Me

Can't Turn Back The Years

I Missed Again

Hang In Long Enough

Separate Lives

Only You Know And I Know

--- Break ---

I Don't Care Anymore

Something Happened On The Way To Heaven

You Know What I Mean

In The Air Tonight

You Can't Hurry Love

Dance Into The Light

Invisible Touch

Easy Lover


--- Bis ---

Hyme à L'Amour / If You Love Me (Really Love Me)

Take Me Home

Tutte le date:

02/06/17Liverpool - Echo ArenaUK  
04/06/17London - Royal Albert HallUK  
05/06/17London - Royal Albert HallUK  
07/06/17London - Royal Albert HallUK  
08/06/17London - Royal Albert Hall  - RIMANDATO al 26/11UK  
09/06/17London - Royal Albert Hall - RIMANDATO al 27/11UK  
11/06/17Cologne - Lanxess ArenaGermany  
12/06/17Cologne - Lanxess ArenaGermany  
14/06/17Cologne - Lanxess Arena *additional concert*Germany  
15/06/17Cologne - Lanxess Arena *additional concert*Germany  
16/06/17Cologne - Lanxess Arena *additional concert*Germany  
18/06/17Paris - AccorHotels ArenaFrance  
19/06/17Paris - AccorHotels ArenaFrance  
20/06/17Paris - AccorHotels Arena *additional concert*France  
22/06/17Paris - AccorHotels Arena *additional concert*France  
23/06/17Paris - AccorHotels Arena *additional concert*France  
25/06/17Dublin - Aviva Stadium [Special Guest: Blondie]Ireland  
30/06/17London - Hyde Park "British Summer Time"
[Support Acts: Blondie, Mike + The Mechanics, Starsailor]


Phil Collins: Vocals (possibly a little bit of drumming)
Nicholas Collins: Drums
Leland Sklar: Bass
Daryl Stuermer: Guitars
Ronnie Caryl: Rhythm Guitar
Brad Cole: Keyboards
Arnold McCuller: Backing Vocals (replaced by Bill Cantos in Dublin and Hyde Park)
Amy Keys: Backing Vocals
Bridgette Bryant: Backing Vocals
Lamont van Hook: Backing Vocals
Luis Conte: Percussions
Harry Kim: Trumpet
Dan Fornero: Trumpet
George Shelby: Saxophone
Luis Diego Bonilla: Trombone


Germany: RTL (19/10, 10am CET), Eventim (20/10, 10am CET), Ticketmaster (20/10, 10am CET)
UK: O2 (18/10, 9am GMT), Live Nation (19/10, 9am GMT), Ticketmaster (21/10, 9am GMT)
France: Ticketmaster (19/10, 10am CET)

Press Review:


Open Air Show annunciato per il 30 giugno 2017

Phil Collins si esibirà al British Summertime Festival a Hyde Park, Londra, il 30 giugno 2017. Le prevendite sono iniziate a questo link.

I Biglietti avranno un costo da £79.50, nel golden circle costano £149.50 e nel Diamond view (di fronte al palco) £399.50.

Altre informazioni sulle date del tour a questo link

Acquista su

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