The Veil di Peter Gabriel, la recensione del NYTimes

The Veil di Peter Gabriel, la recensione del New York Times

E’ stata inserita tra le migliori canzoni della settimana dal prestigioso New York Times. Ecco allora la recensione di The Veil di Peter Gabriel (in inglese)

Having Peter Gabriel write the song for Oliver Stone’s “Snowden,” the film about the computer systems administrator who revealed the extent of secret government surveillance, was a match so neat it seems almost inevitable. Mr. Gabriel realized the implications of the internet early on, and well before that his songs had reckoned with the ways that larger systems grind down individual liberty. He’s also a master of shadowy, suspenseful, paranoia-stoking production, like the ticking percussion and staggered bits of melody he uses in “The Veil.” The lyrics are on topic: “Some say you’re a patriot, some call you a spy/An American hero or a traitor that deserves to Die.” But Mr. Gabriel finds the broader implications, too, as he sings, “There’s no safe place to go.” J.P.


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