Press Review – Edward Snowden, Cameo nel video di Peter Gabriel ‘The Veil’

Edward Snowden, Cameo nel video di Peter Gabriel ‘The Veil’


C’è anche un cameo di Edward Snowden nel video di Peter Gabriel The Veil. Il brano fa parte della colonna sonora del film di Oliver Stone, che racconta le vicende dell’informatico statunitense noto per aver rivelato pubblicamente dettagli di diversi programmi di sorveglianza di massa del governo USA, fino ad allora tenuti segreti. 

Ecco l’articolo che ne parla di Rolling Stone, By

Peter Gabriel has shared his new music video for “The Veil,” a track inspired by and written exclusively for Oliver Stone’s Edward Snowden film Snowden. In addition to photos from Snowden’s past and footage from the upcoming biopic, the video features a cameo by the whistleblower himself, who is seen walking through the woods and gazing at his computer monitor.

The lyrics also draw from Snowden’s story. “Some say you’re a patriot / Some call you a spy / An American hero / Or a traitor that deserves to die,” Gabriel sings on the track. “There’s no safe place to go / Now you’ve let that whistle blow / Show exactly what is going on / Show exactly who was looking on.”

“The Veil” is Gabriel’s second new composition following a three-year hiatus, arriving after the singer’s Muhammad Ali tribute “I’m Amazing.”

Snowden is out in theaters Friday. “I was very happy to learn Oliver Stone had decided to make a film about Edward Snowden and believe this is a powerful and inspiring film,” Gabriel added. “Oliver takes his music very seriously and I have always enjoyed collaborating with him and [music supervisor] Budd Carr.”



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