Collector's Corner: From Genesis To Revelation

The Collector's Corner of Horizons Radio traveling in the Genesis discography. First episode: From Genesis To Revelation.

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By Antonio Filippi

In England From Genesis To Revelation comes out in 1969 in mono version, red Decca label, very rare today. WATCH THE AVAILABLE COLLECTION VERSIONS

And also in stereo version with Decca Blu label - BUY A COLLECTION COPY ON EBAY

Both versions have i testi in the box, ETCUS click on the image to zoom:

In ItalyInstead, la first release scheduled for 1969, never happened, even if copies ready for distribution exist, bearing the SIAE badge - BUY ONE FROM COLLECTION ON EBAY.

Lthe album was released in 1974, taking advantage of the success of the Genesis with Selling England By The Pound

In fact, in that same period a 45 rpm In The Beginning / The Serpent, taken precisely from Revelation, just one month after the single was released I Know What I Like, taken from Selling. Here is the cover of the first version, characterized by the bizarre choice of image. In fact it is not the Genesis, those pictured, but the band Ten years after


The Holy Grail of Genesis collecting in absolute is also extracted from the album, that is il American first single, The Silent Sun / That's Me on black Parrot label. It remained practically unsold and then shredded, so copies are very few, very rare and very expensive (about 5000 euros). It is easier to find the promo, clear label, given as a tribute to radio and professionals. COLLECT A COPY:

Also rare is the Russian version of the album, released only in 1993, after the fall of the Berlin Wall therefore, and available only in Eastern European countries. The quality of the vinyl is excellent and is highly sought after by collectors.

Decca will therefore regret having downloaded Genesis so lightly and will always try to make the most of the royalties to which it is entitled: for this reason infinite editions are in circulation, with a different track order, with different covers and titles, like In the Beginning - COLLECTS.

Among these the version released for the collection "Rock Roots"- COLLECT, also by Decca: it contains all the tracks of the LP plus the four released on 45s.

It will then be revived in Germany in 1981 with the title The Silent Sun  on the cover of this version there is a bright sunset sun.  COLLECT A COPY OF THIS ALBUM.

With the same title of From Genesis to Revelation one is also available instead label version London specific for the American market it also contains the first single pieces released on 45 turns.


Watch and listen to the Horizons Radio special on the album:

Listen to the album:

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