Peter Gabriel: “Support for the ‘Stansted 15’”

Peter Gabriel has added his name to this letter of support for the ‘Stansted 15. READ the LETTER.

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Stansted 15 Solidarity Letter: 


We the undersigned express our deep concern and disagreement with the recent prosecutions at Chelmsford Crown Court against the fifteen human rights activists who acted to stop a brutal, secretive and barely legal deportation flight last year.


The ‘Stansted 15’ have been convicted of ‘endangering an aerodrome’ under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990 - a terrorism related law. The use of this draconian legislation is grossly disproportionate and a clear abuse of power.


Helen, Joe, Lyndsay, Ben, Mel, Nathan, Laura, Jo, Nick, Ali, Eddie, Emma, May, Ruth and Melanie chained themselves around a deportation charter flight bound for Nigeria and Ghana in March 2017 with the sincere belief that they were preventing the sixty people on board from coming to harm.


As a result of their ten hour blockade, eleven people - including victims of trafficking recognised under the Modern Slavery Act - are still here in the UK with their loved ones.


This group of ordinary people took extraordinary and peaceful action in the knowledge that they were saving lives. But now they face prison sentences.


It is the UK government’s brutal and unjust ‘hostile environment’ which should be found guilty of endangering human lives, and not the peaceful efforts of fifteen people to keep them safer.


The UK is the only country in Europe to lock up people with uncertain immigration status indefinitely. 3000 people are incarcerated in immigration prisons in the UK at any one time.


The UK is also one of the few to fill chartered planes with deportees when legal cases are still unresolved. Nearly half (47%) of all appeals to deportation decisions last year were successful [1] and 75% of Home Office appeals on immigration decisions are rejected. [2]


The Windrush scandal has shown us that the UK immigration system violates human rights. The Home Office constantly racially profiles; uses unfair targets; and victimises and expels people who have the right to live here.


We call on the UK government to end its inhumane hostile environment policies and to end its barely legal and shameful practice of deportation charter flights. We also call for the Stansted 15 to be spared prison. They did not aim to inconvenience people, and this arduous trial has had such a profound impact on the defendants’ lives that they are unlikely to take such action again.


The Stansted 15 are a credit to human rights. They and their intentions should be supported, not punished.




Professor Angela Davis Writer and activist
Alice Walker Writer and activist
Naomi Klein Author
Philip Pullman Author
Roger Waters Musician
Owen Jones Writer
Akala Hip Hop Artist and Author
Lowkey Hip Hop Artist
Bernadette Devlin-McAliskey Irish Civil Rights leader and former MP
Manuel Cortes General Secretary of the TSSA
Eleanor  Matsuura Actress
Frances Webber Vice Chair, Institute of Race Relations
Yanis Varoufakis Economist
Emma Thompson Actor
Ken Loach Film Maker
John McDonnell, MP Shadow Chancellor
Diane Abbott, MP Shadow Home Secretary
Shami Chakrabarti Shadow Attorney General
Emily Thornberry, MP Shadow Foreign Secretary
Dan Carden, MP Shadow International Development Secretary
David Lammy MP Labour Party
Dawn Butler, MP Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities
Caroline Lucas, MP Green Party
Rebecca Long Bailey, MP Shadow Business Secretary
Clive Lewis, MP Labour Party
Kate Osamor, MP Labour Party
Lisa Nandy MP Labour Party
Preet Gill, MP Labour Party
Lloyd Russell-Moyle, MP Labour Party
Catherine West MP Labour Party
Emma Dent Coad MP Labour Party
Tulip Siddiq MP Labour Party
Baroness Ruth Lister Labour Party
Chris Hazzard MP Sinn Fein
Paul Maskey MP Sinn Fein
Mickey Brady MP Sinn Fein
Elisha McCallion MP Sinn Fein
Bill McKibben Writer
Peter Gabriel Musician
Aki Kaurismaki Film Director
Professor Phil Scraton Writer, Academic, Activist
Gloria Steinem Journalist and activist
Miatta Fahnbulleh CEO, New Economics Foundation
Paul Mason Journalist
Stephanie Lightfoot-Bennet United Friends and Families Campaign
Brian Eno Musician
Faiza Shaheen Director, CLASS  and Labour PPC for Chingford & Woodford Green
Laura Parker Momentum National Coordinator
Jeremy Hardy Comedian
Dame Vivienne Westwood Fashion Designer
Molly Crabapple Artist
Omar Khan Director, Runnymede Trust
Oona Chaplin Actress
Robert Del Naja Musician, Massive Attack
Nick Dearden Director, Global Justice Now
Professor Danny Dorling Oxford University
Professor Karma Nabulsi Oxford University
Jon Lansman Momentum Chair
Akwaaba Migrant Social Centre
Jewdas Community Organisation
United Voices of the World Trade Union
Andrew Feinstein Former ANC MP, Author and Campaigner
Thurston Moore Musician
Keith Taylor MEP for South East England
Tom Morello Musician
Eve Ensler Playwright
Selina Nwulu Writer
Francesca Martinez Comedian
Mike Leigh Film Director
Siobhan Maxsweeny Actor
Alan Rusbridger Former Editor, The Guardian
Neal Lawson Chair of Compass
Laurie Penny Writer
Professor Gurminder Bhambra Sussex University
Dr Yusef Bakkali Birmingham City University
Ilyas Nagdee NUS Black Students Officer
Monish Bhatia Lecturer in Criminology, Birkbeck College
David Scott The Open University
Naeem Davis Independent Curator
Corey Stoughton Acting director, Liberty
Azru Merali Islamic Human Rights Commission
Judith Knight Director, Arts Admin
Lois Keidan Director, Live Art Development Agency
Martin Joormann Lund University, Sweden
Jos Bitelli NELMA/East London Cable
Deanna Dadusc University of Brighton
Francesca Klug OBE Human Rights Academic
Nadine El-Enany Senior Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck College
Shon Faye Writer
Selma Oumari Nouveau Parti AntiCapitaliste
Rowan Mataram Platform
Alison Phipps University of Glasgow
Annika Lindberg University of Be
Eleni Dimou The Open University
Asad Rehman Director, War on Want
Roxana Pessoa Cavalcanti University of Brighton
Eleni Andreouli The Open University
Paul-Francois Tremlett The Open University
Julia Downes The Open University
Byron Dueck The Open University
Alison Penn The Open University
Farzana Khan Voices That Shake/ Healing Justice LDN/ Racial Justice Network
Andrew Simms Economist
Cllr Daniel Stone Haringey Labour Party
Emma Barker The Open University
Ann Pettifor Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME)
Jane Yeh The Open University
Jacqui Gabb The Open University
Justyna Wroblewska SOAS, BSMS
Xana Writer and Sound Designer
Georgia Blackwell-Green BSMS
Eve Dickson NELMA
Neske Baerwaldt Leiden University
Sam Dolbear Birkbeck College, University of London
Eliza Lass, Adela Belecova, Mical Nelken, Hannah Goreing Babel’s Blessing
Luke de Noronha Birkbeck College, University of London
Tasmia Salim Nijjormanush/Writer
Tanzil Chowdhury QMUL
Georgia Rigg Amnesty International
Evan Ifekoya Artist, Lecturer Goldsmiths, University of London
Zamzam Ibrahim NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship
Sivamohan Valluvan Sociology, University of Warwick
Leon Sealey-Huggins Global Sustainable Development, University of Warwick
Shamsher Singh National Sikh Youth Federation


Tarek Younisi University College London
Arianne Shahvisi Brighton and Sussex Medical School
Ed Luker Northumbria University
Anya-Nicola Darr Labour Party
Thomas Cowan University of Bergen
Sai Murray Racial Justice Network/ Voices That Shake/ Writer
Miriam Gould Theatre-Maker
Anne Neylon University of Liverpool
Lisa Matthews Right to Remain
Hannah Dee Defend the Right to Protest
Maz Saleem Anti-Racist Activist
Zain Dada Khidr Collective
Dr Keir Milburn University of Leicester
Remi Joseph-Salisbury Sociology, University of Manchester
Juliet Glennie End Deportations
Roxane de Massol de Rebetz Leiden University
George Brown Self
Charlie Clarke The World Transformed
Naaz Rashid University of Sussex
Dinah Mulholland Labour Party
Christopher Bertram University of Bristol
London Latinx UK Queer Feminist South/Central American collective
Maia Kelly Leeds Tidal
Ambra Venturini Amnesty International
Katy Sian University of York
Joseph Maggs Self
Gurminder K Bhambra University of Sussex
Callum Cant University of West London
Josh Cunliffe Birkbeck College, University of London
Giulia Champion University of Warwick
Whit Doig my AFK
Laurel Uziell Women’s Strike
Robert Kiely King’s College London
Youssra Elmagboul SOAS SU
David Whyte University of Liverpool
Kat Sinclair University of Sussex
Maxine Greaves Self
Oliver Bucken Self
Arnaud Vervoitte Self
Sophie Jones NELMA/ Birkbeck, University of London
Tom Allen University of Sussex
Charlie Shaw University of Southampton
Hannah Schling King’s College London
Chris A. Williams Open University
Meg-John Barker Open University
Thurston Moore Musician
Emilia Weber University College London
Jonathan Chadwick Writer/Theatre Director/AzTheatre
Liam Cunningham Actor
Afzal Rahman Nijjormanush
Amanda Borg Student
Sarah Lasoye NUS National Women’s Officer
Ellie Medeiros Singer
Gwendolin Barnard Self
Juha Virtanen University of Kent
Matthias Kispert University of the Arts London
Sai Englert SOAS
Emma Harrison University of Sussex
Tim Allman Self
Daniela Cabral Self
Peter Mullan Actor
Phoebe Boswell Artist
Ameen Kamlana Doctor
Natasha Lennard Author and investigative journalist
Hannah Maxwell Arts Producer
Jonathan Moses Royal Holloway, University of London
Max Long Cambridge University
Deirdre Woods Actionist and Community Organiser
Lydia Hughes Trade union activist
Mahjabeen Miah University College London
Fizza Qureshi Migrants’ and refugee rights activist
Archie Davies King’s College London
Tom Harrington IWGB union activist
The London Campaign Against Police and State Violence
Dom Hale Poet
Elizabeth Muir SOAS
Holly Ogborne SOAS
Snigdha Koirala University of Edinburgh
Fred Carter University of Edinburgh
Dan Gillespie Sells Musician/Composer
Zulfqar Ali Art Consultant
Malia Bouattia Writer and Activist
Hollis Robin Musician
Cllr Eve McQuillan London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Ben Beach University of Cambridge / Plan C
Belfast Feminist Network
Kin Community Organisation
Deborah Rushton Self
Toby Blackman Events Organiser
Musab Younis Queen Mary University of London
Cecil Sagoe Housing Policy Officer
Shadin Dowson-Zeidan South London Refugee Association
Ana Oppenheim Labour Campaign for Free Movement
SOAS Detainee Support
Gabriela Salva Macallan Labour Party, London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Maria McLintock Curatorial, Design Museum
Jasbinder S. Nijjar Brunel University London
Jen Smethurst
Millie Dessent Student, SOAS
Protest Stencil Artist
Daniel Hadley Doctor
Simon Youel Positive Money
Tom Betteridge Teacher
Danny Hayward
Daniel Neofetou
Rebecca D’Andrea Fossil Free Newcastle University
Julia Svensson Goldsmiths University
Scarlet Harris Doctoral candidate, University of Glasgow
Joe Ogden-Newton BSMS
Karl Taylor Associate Producer, Take Me Somewhere Festival
Decolonising Our Minds Society
Amrit Wilson Writer
Lewis Church Associate Lecturer, Queen Mary and Birkbeck, University of London
Natasha Mumbi Nkonde Edge Fund
Oonagh Ryder Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee
Devil’s Dyke Network
Jaspreet Nijjar Brunel University London
Fatima Rajina Nijjormanush / Kingston University
Sarah Horton University of Leeds
London Palestine Action
Sudhir HAZAREESINGH Balliol College, Oxford University
Alex Etchart Theatre Director, Fire Choir Leader

Paul Hanes Filmmaker
Dr Azeezat Johnson Queen Mary university
Sisters Uncut Birmingham
Season Butler Writer
Professor Karma Nabulsi Oxford University
Kerem Nisancioglu SOAS University of London
King's College London Justice for Cleaners group
Elly Robson University of Cambridge

Rose Aitchison University of Cambridge
Laura Wormington SOAS
Valeria Racu SOAS, University of London

Rufus Jordana University of Cambridge
Ayşe Polat University of Cambridge
Daniel Prosser Massive Owl Theatre
Cambridge Defend Education
Kate Spence Artist
Rosie Urbanovich War on Want
Rizwan Hussien Director, Jawaab
Adam O’Connell ESOL teacher & branch manager, Speak First English School
Rob Lucas   New Left Review
Nicola Saville UCL
Dr Sarah Keenan Birkbeck Law School
Nasratullah Popalzai Birch Birmingham Community Hosting Network
Hareem Ghani King’s College London
Rachael Clerke Artist
Sarah Reid-Collins Travel consultant.
Samantha Asumadu Media Diversified
Antifascist Student Network
Rebecca Larney King's College London
Enda O'Riordan Plan C and Goldsmiths University
Heather Abdule King's College London
Jake Simms   University of Cambridge)
Cambridge Zero Carbon Society
Ethical Affairs Campaign
Ferduse Sadiq
Jessica Jones Ofcom
Leyla Williams West London Welcome Centre for Refugees and Migrants
Sarah Salehi SOAS
Lauren Bowes   Self
Faria Tabassum Cambridge University
Kalpana Wilson Birkbeck, University of London
Claire Sosienski Smith Cambridge University.
Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU)
Cambridge University’s Women's Campaign
Peninah Wangari-Jones Racial Justice Network
Giorgia Doná University of East London
Felicity Kersting University of Cambridge
Dr Sharon Kivland Sheffield Hallam University
Prof. David Miller University of Bristol.
Dr. Narzanin Massoumi University of Exeter
Birani Sipriani Leeds Unity Centre, ZHRO
Frank Barat Author and Activist
Alexander Shea-Simonds Writer/Organiser
Holly Harwood Student
Professor Emeritus Phil Scraton Queen's University, Belfast
Arthur Taylor King's College London
Claire Marcel SOAS
Cambridge Universities Labour Club
Laura Thamotheram Goldsmiths University
Frack Free Sussex
Joseph Grey Youth Consultant
Haringey Anti-Raids
Dr Dina Rajak University of Sussex
Patricia McKeown Regional Secretary UNISON NI
Anseleme Shima Chair, Northern Ireland Community for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (NICRAS)
Lucky Khambule Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI)
Ann Mulhall Anti-Racism Network Ireland (ARN)
Trevor Birney Fine Point Films
Dessie Donnelly Directer, Participation and Practice of Rights Project (PPR)
Colin Harvey Professor of Human Rights Law in the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast
Gerry Carroll MLA People Before Profit
Dr. Michael Pierse Senior Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast
Véronique Altglas Sociologist and Activist
Emily Waszak Migrants and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ)
Caoimhe Butterly Migrant justice campaigner
Sipho Sibanda Housing4All
Aliysha Hogan Larne House Visitors Group
Nadia Chalabi The Unity Project
Madeline Ellis-Petersen Project 17
Barry McCaffrey Journalist
Michael Marshall UCL
Dr Tahir Zaman Lecturer, University of Sussex
Dr June Edmunds Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Sussex
Professor Donald McGillivray University of Sussex Law School
Dr James Hampshire University of Sussex
Campaign Against Arms Trade
Inclusive Mosque Initiative
Professor Allyson Pollock




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