Seven Stones, seven milestones of Genesis & Co. - QUIZ

These 7 images are the Seven stones of Genesis & Co. of this episode e they have something in common. Guess. 

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Write your solution and how you got there in the comment space below. Nothing is won, it's just a pastime with our beloved Genesis.

Propose yours Seven stones su

Please note: the copyright of the images belongs to the owners. They were used because they are functional to the game and not to exploit the image itself. To request its removal, write to

1 thought on "Seven Stones, seven milestones of Genesis & Co. - QUIZ"

  1. DANCE

    Slow DANCE (Ant) DANCING into the light (Phil) DANCING with the moonlit knight (Genesis) DANCE of the illegal aliens (Brand X) DANCE on a volcano (Genesis)… and instructions for DANCING (Peter Gabriel) we can't DANCE (Genesis)

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