#NowPlaying 16 & 18 Sept., Special Peter Gabriel live in Milan Italy, 2002 – VIDEO & SETLIST

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16&18-Sep-2002 Alcatraz Club, Milan Italy - VIDEO:

Setlist (by setlist.fm)

  1. Cloudless
  2. (Two takes; Peter stopped and… more )
  3. (New song not included on '"Up")
  4. Encore:


Note: Peter gave in September 2002 some warming up shows in few selected small venues before starting the tour with the usual "up-stage" in order to check the live sound of the new sets. Those intimate powerful shows however will be remembered as the best ones. Even if the new album "Up" wasn't yet in stores, people were already able to sing every single lyrics from the new songs... the power of internet... but Peter seemed to accept it and he joked on that

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