Seven Stones: Genesis & Co. Another Side – GUESS THE LINK between these seven songs

Seven degrees of unity between Genesis & Co.

By Filippo Collini

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Guess the link between these seven songs:

Check if you got it right:

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1) B-side of single “In Too Deep” by Genesis, 1986

2) B-side of single “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel, 1987

3) B-side of single “Hang in Long Enough” by Phil Collins, 1990

4) B-side of single “A doll that’s made in Japan” by Steve Hackett, 1984

5) B-side of single “Halfway There” by Mike Rutherford, 1982

6) B-side of single “Walls of Sound” by Tony Banks, 1996

7) B-side of single “Um & Aargh” by Anthony Phillips, 1976


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