“Pennsylvania Flickhouse” by pre-Genesis band Anon is now available online – BUY

Richard Macphail, Mike Rutherford, Anthony Phillips, in the pre-Genesis band Anon. The song “Pennsylvania Flickhouse” is now available for download. 


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‘Pennsylvania Flickhouse’, written by Anthony Phillips, is the only recording  and the only original song the band ever made.

“After the tragic and untimely death of Rivers Job in 1979, the passing of Mike Colman now leaves only four of the six full Anon members alive. He was undoubtedly the most prodigiously gifted of us all – a music scholar, highly adept at both piano and violin, he just sort of took up the guitar and played it without any seeming effort!

Thankfully at this stage known as Mick (hence avoiding any confusion with Mike Rutherford, the man he briefly replaced!), he fitted in very quickly and contributed some wonderful touches to the group – in particular his magnificent tremolo-wielding solo on the outro of the sadly-lost Brian Roberts recording of ”Pennsylvania Flickhouse” (immeasurably better than the weak, feeble, anodyne version recorded at a ‘proper’ studio sometime later).

We became good friends, both sitting at the back in the ‘jokers’ class of chemistry & maths (inveterately useless at both) with maverick characters such as the legendary Philip Darwall Smith who was brazen and bold enough to go up to the b.odourly-challenged master, Mr X, spray him with Right Guard and get away with it!”

Anthony Phillips, from anthonyphillips.co.uk

The band:

  • Rivers Jobe – bass guitar (May 1965 – July 1966; died 1979)
  • Richard Macphail – lead vocals (May 1965 – Spring 1966, Spring 1966 – July 1966)
  • Anthony Phillips – lead guitar (May 1965 – December 1966)
  • Rob Tyrrell – drums (May 1965 – December 1966)
  • Mike Rutherford – rhythm guitar (May 1965 – Spring 1966, Spring 1966 – December 1966), lead vocals (Spring 1966, July 1966 – December 1966)
  • Mike Colman – rhythm guitar (Spring 1966; died 2010)

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