Unforgettable Gigs, Genesis in Italy: Naples 19/4/1972 - SPECIAL

The Concerts that made History.

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April 1972, the Genesis debut in Italy, the country that first understood their music. Here are the stages with sounds and images of that historical adventure.

On April 19, 1972 Genesis are live at the Mediterranean Theater in Naples.

A double concert that closes the first part of the Nursery cryme Tour of Genesis in Italy.

Here is the live audio:

00:00 - Happy The Man;
04:18 - Stagnation;
14:53 - The Fountain Of Salmacis;
23:20 - Twilight Alehouse;
32:14 - The Musical Box;
42:23 - The Return Of The Giant Hogweed;
49:11 - Phil's Solo;
51:24 - The Knife.

A date that will remain in the history of Genesis, because on the roof of the Hotel Domitiana, which houses the band, Mike and Tony write the text of Watcher Of The Sky.

Here is the memory of Tony Banks in Genesis: I Know What I Like di Armando Gallo:

"We were sitting on top of this building, it was a warm sunny day and we were just looking out across a large area of ​​buildings and fields; there wasn't a living soul around. It seemed that the entire population had just deserted the planet and this is what 'Watcher of the Skies' tells: an alien being who comes to the planet and sees it completely deserted. And so the story develops with a bit of science fiction. I like Arthur Clarke's 'Childhood's End' and books of this kind. "

And of Mike Rutherford in The living years (Trad. G. Testani):

"Tony and I together wrote the text, sitting on the roof of our hotel in Naples imagining that the world was over. Quite strange, considering it was a pleasantly sunny day."

The song is already being used for the sound check before the concerts. In Naples it is then completed and, as we know, the next Genesis album will open, to be released the following October: Foxtrot.

But in his autobiography, Mike tells another background, which happened in Naples:

"In Naples we discovered another therapeutic pastime ... Concluding a tour with a group fight was a classic. The unusual thing about the quarrel-of-end-tour in Naples was that there was an amusement park just around the corner of the hotel where we slept. We got to the point of being so fed up with each other that we decided that the only thing to do was to throw ourselves on the bumper car track and bump into each other wildly and repeatedly. I must say that I never experienced an equally effective way to clarify. "

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The former Hotel Domitiana, now JFK.

The Italian dates bring further luck to the Genesis, which confirm their success in our country. Not only that, returning home, Steve Hackett will meet Ellen, who will become his first wife and mother of Oliver.

And it does not end here: the Genesis will return to Italy in August, for a second part of the tour. But that's another story.

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